We got an exclusive first look at Ninja's newest air fryers - they'll change how you use your kitchen for good

 New Ninja Double Stack air fryer .
New Ninja Double Stack air fryer .

Ninja has announced the release of a whole host of genius new appliance designs for 2024, including the Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer and the Ninja Combi 12-in-1 Air Fryer Oven.

While Ninja undoubtedly makes the best air fryers on the market, such as the Ninja Foodi FlexDrawer Air Fryer, until now if you wanted unbeatable functionality from the brand, you needed a lot of worktop space.

That's no longer the case thanks to the Ninja Double Stack, which measures just 30cm across and reimagines what a traditional best dual-zone air fryer looks like. Instead of two drawers side by side, they are stacked on each other, giving you back space in your kitchen.

Conversely, the Ninja Combi is a large capacity do-it-all multicooker with what looks like a lot of versatility when it comes to air frying too.

Here's everything we learned about these new launches when Ideal Home got an exclusive first look at them as they launched.

Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer first look

This is the launch that small kitchen dwellers have been waiting for - finally, a dual-zone air fryer that doesn't take up half your kitchen.

The Double Stack, being arranged vertically rather than horizontally, can instantly halve the amount of space needed for it on your countertop.

And, even better, this air fryer comes with two removable wire grills, so that you can create two levels in each drawer, and therefore have access to four cooking spaces at once.

Ninja Double Stack air fryer
Ninja Double Stack air fryer

Available in two different sizes (either 7.6 litres or 9.5 litres), we think this is set to become Ninja's biggest success yet, thanks to its clever design. While it has all of the features we loved in the classic Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone Air Fryer, it's just that bit smarter.

On our exclusive first look at it during its launch, we loved the controls running down the side of the exterior, as well as the matte grey colour, straying away from the classic black box look that air fryers usually have. It's a big yes from us on the first impression.

Ninja Combi 12-In-1 Multi-Cooker, Oven & Air Fryer first look

Multi-cookers are less popular in the UK compared to the US, which is something that Ninja is aiming to change with the Ninja Combi - the appliance that the brand wants to be the answer to cooking conundrums everywhere and to get us all to ditch our ovens for good.

This is a similar-looking appliance to the Ninja Speedi, and has similar levels of incredible functionality (with 11 different programs), as well as an integrated oven.

Another standout new feature with this product is Hypersteam, which activates a flow of steam in your air fryer oven to lock in moisture to your meals.

New Ninja Combi air fryer
New Ninja Combi air fryer

The Ninja Combi also has a time-saving purpose, with the ability to choose the Combi Meals or Combi Crisp function in order to cook whatever you usually would in your oven (say a main dish and two sides) at a much faster rate.

All in all the Combi has a massive 12.5 litre capacity, and can accommodate up to eight people over a two-level design, which means that you might be kissing goodbye to using your oven regularly once and for all.

The Ninja Double Stack and Combi are coming soon to the brand's website, and you can sign up to be among the first to shop them.

We'll race you.