Fans think Gordon Ramsay's son Oscar is his 'tiny twin' but do you see the resemblance?

A number of people think Gordon Ramsay's son is his doppelganger
A number of people think Gordon Ramsay's son is his doppelganger

Gordon Ramsay’s son Oscar may only be five-months-old but he’s already graced the headlines with fans claiming he’s the spitting image of his famous father.

The tot’s parents, Gordan and Tana Ramsay, have created an Instagram account for their latest addition to the family which has already gained over 116,000 followers.

But it’s Oscar’s latest snap, posted two days ago, which has earned the most attention so far.

In the photograph, Ramsay and his son can be seen sitting in bed together alongside the caption: “Monday mornings with dad”.

The sweet image soon garnered over 46,776 likes with social media users rushing to comment on the duo’s similar appearance.

“He is a mini Gordon!” one commented.

Another wrote, “He looks exactly like you, hair and all.”

"Has there ever been a baby that looked more like his dad?" a third questioned.

But not everyone agreed that Oscar takes after his 52-year-old father, as many commented to point out his striking similarities to mum Tana.

“He looks so like his mummy,” one follower argued.

“He looks like his mum with his dad’s blonde hair,” another chimed in.

While others simply looked forward to Oscar joining his father in the kitchen one day after he recently popped into the chef’s flagship restaurant.

“I bet they're watching ‘Hell's Kitchen’,” one joked.

While another referenced one of the chef’s most famous quotes: “Hopefully soon they'll be calling people idiot sandwiches together.”

Ramsay has five children with wife Tana including 21-year-old Meghan, 19-year-old twins Holly and Jack, 17-year-old Matilda and newborn Oscar who was born in April 2019.

Big sister Matilda runs Oscar’s Instagram account which already boasts famous followers including Brooklyn Beckham.

The question is, do you see the resemblance between Oscar and his dad?

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