Gordon Ramsay Made The DUMBEST Mistake On TikTok And Fans Are Ruthlessly Roasting Him For it

gordon ramsay tiktok
Gordon Ramsay Is Getting Roasted By Fans On TikTok@gordonramsayofficial / TikTok

Oh, how the tables have turned.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay became a household name due to his intense critiques of other chefs, but thanks to one of his latest TikToks, it's now his fans who are dishing out the criticism.

The trouble for Ramsay began earlier this week when he created a duet on TikTok of himself commenting on a woman make scrambled eggs.

"German scrambled eggs," said Ramsay. "Don't whisk them now. You gotta whisk them in the pan. Okay, should be small nobs of butter, sorry."

Although Ramsay's egg-scrambling tips seemed fairly appropriate, there was just one major problem with his commentary: The person making the eggs was speaking Dutch, not German. Countless people in the comments section pointed out this error.

"There’s so much happening here, but it’s mainly Gordon trying to use German words while watching a Dutch video hahaha," one user wrote.

Another person chimed in with this take: "Hi, I’m from The Netherlands and apparently I speak German."

At one point in the video, Ramsay even yelled "nein, nein, nein," which translates to "no, no, no" in, you guessed it, German.

But the chef did ultimately see the error in his ways and admitted that he deserved to be "roasted."

"My apologies…..now I deserve to be roasted !" he wrote in response to one commenter.

We have to admit that we're glad to see that Ramsay can take criticism as well as he is at giving it out.