Google Pay will now display card perks, BNPL options and more

Google Pay is rolling out a number of updates that capitalize on its integrations with other Google products, like Android and the Chrome browser. Starting Wednesday, people who check out with Google Pay will be able to see their card benefits and perks before selecting a card, use "buy now, pay later" through partners like Affirm and Zip and fill in their card details through biometrics or a PIN, instead of by entering their security code.

The changes are designed to enhance the consumer experience of using Google Pay and make it a more competitive option against other payment methods, including the developer or retailer's built-in payment system, often powered by businesses like Stripe, as well as the payment services from other tech giants, like Apple, Amazon and PayPal, for instance.

One of the most compelling features now rolling out is the ability to see each of the cards' benefits and rewards before making a selection. Google notes that consumers who have multiple credit cards with different perks may not always remember which is the best card to use when. Some cards offer travel-related perks, for example, while others may offer dining perks or cash back. Now, when someone clicks into the Card Number box to pick a card from a list of saved payment methods, Google Pay will showcase relevant card benefits that accompany each card.

This feature will initially support American Express and Capital One cards, but Google says it plans to expand to include more cards in the future. It also only works on Chrome desktop for the time being.

Another new feature is the introduction of the "buy now, pay later" (BNPL) option when checking out. Google began piloting this option earlier this year, but it's now rolling out to more merchant sites and Android apps across the U.S. The tech giant is partnering with BNPL firms for this offering, including Affirm and Zip. At checkout, Google Pay users can either sign in to their existing accounts with these providers or sign up with a provider from the checkout screen, it says.

In addition, Google is making it easier to confirm the card of choice without having to enter its security code — a number that people often have to manually look up.

Instead, Google will allow Chrome and Android users to verify their card details the same way they unlock their Android devices. That means users will be able to verify their card with a fingerprint, face scan or screen lock PIN. Users will also be able to set up device unlock that requires them to unlock their device before card details are shown. This feature is designed to keep card info safe from others who may have access to the device.

The new features are rolling out now to Google Pay on the web and on Android.