The Good Karma Hospital's Amanda Redman reveals traumatic childhood injury inspired a storyline on the show

Are you a fan of The Good Karma Hospital? The ITV drama recently returned for series four and viewers love seeing Amanda Redman and the rest of the cast back on their screens.

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But did you know that lead star Amanda suffered a traumatic injury in childhood - and it even inspired a huge storyline on the medical drama? The actress, who has been playing Dr Lydia Fonseca in the series since it began back in 2017, has never shied away from showing audiences her permanent scars, which she's had for almost her entire life.

WATCH: The Good Karma Hospital’s Amanda Redman opens up about traumatic childhood injury

When Amanda was just 18 months old, she was involved in a horrific accident involving some boiling hot soup which left her with burns to 75 per cent of her body. The trauma was so severe that Amanda was pronounced clinically dead after being rushed to hospital. While she managed to make it through, she had to undergo many surgical procedures, including skin grafts.

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Opening up about the incident for the first time back in 2016, Amanda recalled on Lorraine how she was in hospital until she was five years old and her parents were only allowed to visit her during certain hours. "They allowed me out towards the end at Christmas and the odd birthday and things, but it was more or less solid [for the five years]," she said.


Amanda was left with burns all over her body following the accident when she was just 18 months old

She continued: "I was pronounced clinically dead. That must have been awful for my parents. Of course, I don't remember it. My first memories are of the hospital. I remember some horrible things but not the same way as my parents.

"Even though 90 per cent of my body was burned, the worst scars are on my [left] arm, but that's it and that's thanks to the amazing work of the hospital."


Amanda's injury inspired a story arc back in season three of the show

Amanda returned to the Sussex hospital where she was treated as an infant in 2019 to help her better understand what she went through after she managed to convince the writers on The Good Karma Hospital to include a story arc about a woman named Jyoti suffering acid burns back in season three.

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Speaking at a press event back at the time, Amanda revealed that she found the storyline "upsetting" to film while writer Dan Sefton said: "I think a big part of this season was with Amanda, talking with her about our serial story and the story of Jyoti, who suffers this horrible acid attack and has to cope with this burns injury, which is something Amanda knows [about] well and she was involved in the charity work."

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