Goldie Hawn, 73, called an 'ageless icon' in daughter Kate Hudson's latest Instagram snap

Words: Kerry Justich

Goldie Hawn is being praised for being an ”ageless icon” after her daughter, Kate Hudson, posted a photo of the 73-year-old looking no older than 25.

The snap of Hawn’s back as she’s walking down the street was posted to Hudson’s Instagram on Wednesday afternoon with the caption “Cowboygirl Goldie.”

But people were quick to admit that they thought it was a photo of Hudson because of how youthful she looks.

Goldie Hawn, 73, is still being praised as an "ageless icon."
Goldie Hawn, 73, is still being praised as an "ageless icon." (Photo: Getty Images)

“I thought it was you for a second,” one commenter wrote on Hudson’s post. While another said, “You seem so much like her. You both rock.”

Many others celebrated the “ageless icon” by suggesting that they thought it was a photo of a twenty-something woman walking around in the jumpsuit and cowgirl hat.

“You’d think that was a 25 year old girl walking down the street. I would have said 20, but this girls got swagger,” someone wrote. “Not old enough for a good swagger at 20.”

Gwyneth Paltrow then questioned, “Is she 22 years old??”

One of Hudson’s followers even mentioned the inspiration that Hawn has been to her as an older woman who’s still embracing her personal style.

“I love her. Today, in a moment of weakness, I asked my sister if I was too old for a denim miniskirt. (Recently read that no one over 30 should own a miniskirt),” the follower wrote. “Goldie just set me straight. Age is just a number if you’re rocking what you’ve got. She’s a doll.”