Gogglebox's Lee pulls hilarious hair prank on Jenny - and fans are in hysterics

Viewers got more than they bargained for in the May 10 episode of Gogglebox when Lee played a hilarious hair prank on Jenny. Our favourite Hull-based TV criitics were catching up on the week's programmes when Lee decided to have a play with a can of red hairspray.

Holding the can aloft, he said: "Let me do this on your hair," leading to a concerned Jenny asking: "Oh, what is it? ". Feigning innocence, Lee replied: "No! It's nice! It's supposed to make your hair real thick,", even though she retorted: "I've got thick hair anyway."

High jinks ensued, after Lee spritzed her hair with the red colouring. Bursting into fits of laughter, poor Jenny rushed to the mirror to inspect the damage.

"You better not have a colour in this," she warned him. Taking stock of her brand new 'do', Jenny exclaimed: "Oh, you're joking me, aren't you? ".

Unable to resist another dig, cheeky Lee said: "Oh I haven't got any on the back," prompting an outraged Jenny to hilariously respond: "I don't want the bloody back doing! I look like a match! ". As she resumed her viewing position on the sofa, Lee couldn't help but admire his 'handiwork', saying: "Oh yeah, it looks really nice Jen! ".

Lee and Jenny lived together during lockdown so they could continue filming Gogglebox
Lee pulled a hilarious hair prank on Jenny

Despite her initial shock, Jenny started getting used to her brightly coloured mane, confessing: "Actually I quite like it! ".

The wacky stunt had their fans on X (formerly Twitter) rolling with laughter. One post read: "Why does Jenny always fall for Lee's antics? ", complete with chuckling emoji. "Well done, red Jennie," enthused another viewer, while a third noted: "He's pranked Jennie and she's fallen for it again." Another admirer tweeted: "Give Jenny and Lee their own spin off show."

The same episode of Gogglebox also saw our favourite armchair critics react to the latest episode of Britain's Got Talent, Celebrity Beat the Chasers, The Yorkshire Vet and Dannii Minogue's new dating reality series I Kissed a Girl.

Jenny Newby, 65, looked unrecognisable in a throwback snap
Jenny and Lee were watching Dannii Minogue's new dating reality series I Kissed a Girl

Best friends Jenny and Lee have been making the nation roar with laughter since they both first appeared on Gogglebox’s fourth series in 2014. And the dream duo are finally back on our screens as the show has returned to Channel 4.

Jenny and Lee have provided some iconic Gogglebox moments over the years, such as when Lee accidentally ate Jenny’s face cream after mistaking it for a dip. Jenny previously told Ireland’s Big Issue Magazine of their first encounter: “Lee was a customer at my pub, The Crown Inn in Paull. He became a regular in 1994 and used to come in pretty much every night with his partner and we were friends from the off. ‘We’ve been best friends ever since.”