Goats at UK Zoos kick off 'race' around the world

London Zoo's pygmy goats will take on Whipsnade Zoo's golden Guernsey goats as part of ZSL's new Around the World in 30 Days challenge.

Launching Thursday, Around the World in 30 Days will see participants, including both ZSL conservation zoos' goat herds, walk, cycle or swim a combined 40,075km over the next 30 days: equal to the circumference of the globe.

Competing for first place in the league table - which will rank the fundraisers who travel the farthest for wildlife - London Zoo's herd of nine pygmy goats will battle Whipsnade Zoo's golden guernsey goat duo, with each aiming to tot up the most trots on their daily walks around the conservation zoos.

Wildlife enthusiasts can support the goats by donating and tracking their progress at zsl.org/aroundtheworld, or following in their hoofsteps by setting their own Around the World in 30 Days target - supporting the international conservation charity's global work for wildlife.

London Zoo's pygmy goats Button, Chestnut, Truffle, Marmalade, Chutney, Pickle, Hick, Holly and Brambles already have an impressive route mapped out by zookeepers across the conservation zoo, taking them 'around the world' - passing Bactrian camels, Humboldt penguins, flamingos and llamas. Over at Whipsnade, golden Guernsey goat pair Betty and Doris, will take in ring-tailed lemurs, red pandas, Asian short-clawed otters, giraffes and flamingos on their fundraising journey - providing the perfect amount of exercise for the goats as well as lots of sights and smells to discover on the way.

London Zoo keeper Poppy Jewell said: "The pygmy goats - who can reach a top speed of 6km per hour - love their daily walks through London Zoo, and I'm confident we can cover some impressive ground this June. The challenge will be keeping all nine of them focussed and all walking in the same direction."