GMB star Susanna Reid corrects Richard Madeley in awkward live TV moment

Good Morning Britain star Susanna Reid had to correct her co-star Richard Madeley in an awkward moment on Monday’s breakfast show.

During the episode, the pair discuss Sam Smith’s divisive new music video with two experts, with Richard reading out a list of the redacted moments from the video that they were unable to share on television. However, after accidentally referring to the singer as 'he/him' rather than the I’m Not the Only One’s 'they/them', Susanna corrected him. 

WATCH: Susanna Reid's unimpressed reaction to Richard's mistake


Susanna looked a little uncomfortable, telling Richard: "Remember Sam uses the pronouns, 'they,'" to which Richard corrected himself, saying: "'They', sorry." However, the TV presenter had the mistake again by accidentally referring to their guest with the wrong pronouns, with Susanna telling him: "Shivani identifies as they/them," to which he replied: "Oh I’m sorry I will learn to do that."

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Taking to Twitter to discuss, one person said: "Richard Madeley reading out the parts of Sam Smith's video that GMB couldn't show & then getting their pronouns wrong & being corrected by Susanna is pure Partridge," while another person added: "Madeley on #GMB misgendering people and trying to describe Sam Smith’s video is pure Partridge!" 

Fans also had a mixed reaction to the subject at hand, on whether Sam’s new music video was over-sexualised. Defending the video, one person tweeted: "Have these people complaining about Sam Smith ever seen music videos before?


What did you think of Sam's new video?

"They are almost always overly sexualised, especially in certain genres. It seems like people don’t like it because it’s a non-binary person doing it, they don’t care normally," while another person added: "If the Sam Smith video is ok then show it in full then. But you won't so end of argument #gmb." What do you think?

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