Is Glossier's new Cloud Paint Bronzer worth it? We put it to the test

glossier cloud paint bronzer review
Glossier Cloud Paint Bronzer: An honest reviewHearst Owned

When Glossier first launched back in 2014 (god, we feel old), I was queuing up to get my hands on the millennial pink gold. However, as the brand's hype dyed down, I soon realised that I wasn't reaching for the products as much as I'd hoped. The sheer barely-there formulas didn't call to me or provide me with my full-coverage needs. I know, Glossier's original formulas walked so the 'clean girl' aesthetic could run. However, the tides seemed to be turning when the brand launched its first-ever foundation last year and I was back to being excited about their releases again. Enter: Glossier's new Cloud Paint Bronzer.

These aim to be the sculpting sister of the brand's iconic Cloud Paint Blush (one of the few Glossier products I reach for daily), so I had high hopes. And no, you're not experiencing Deja Vu. You might remember Glossier previously had a go at creating a bronzer (RIP Solar Paint), but soon realised their mistake and quietly discontinued the product. But, they're now back for round two. So, how exactly are the Cloud Paint bronzers any different? We decided to put them to the test – here are our honest thoughts on Glossier's bronzer 2.0.

Victoria Jowett, Beauty Director

glossier cloud paint bronzer review
Before vs. after applying Glossier’s Cloud Paint BronzerHearst Owned

Shade: Dune

I’m set in my ways when it comes to bronzing, I know what I like - a misting with St Tropez’ Self Tan Face Mist every other day, and a sweeping of Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow each morning. So when I heard about Glossier’s new Cloud Paint Bronzers, I’ll admit, I was on the fence.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Glossier. I’d love to be one of their dewy-skinned, poster girls, but in reality, I’m breakout-prone, have stubbornly dry cheeks, and most days I need makeup that gives a bit more than just ‘a sheer tint’. That said, you don’t need coverage from a bronzer, do you? And Glossier is famous for giving a glow, so I decided to try the new Cloud Paints with an open mind…

There are five shades to choose from, and as I had a touch of my trusty St Tropez self-tan still lingering on my skin, I opted for the warm, golden-tan shade, Dune. At first, I was a little thrown by how deep the shade looked when I squeezed a blob onto the back of my hand, but after patting the gel into my cheeks, it instantly sheered down.

The bronzer left a suuuper-subtle golden wash across my skin, as if I’d naturally caught a tiny bit of sun (one can dream). I love how it’s almost impossible to go OTT, Glossier describes the Cloud Paint Bronzers as ‘user-friendly’ and I couldn’t agree more. Pat a bit into the skin and you’re good to go, no fancy blending required. My only critique? Just like the OG cloud paints, the formula is a little ‘wet’, so when layered over a full coverage foundation, it left my skin below looking a tad patchy.

Charlotte Bitmead, Senior Beauty Writer

glossier cloud paint bronzer review
Before vs. after applying Glossier’s Cloud Paint BronzerHearst Owned

Shade: Swept

I'd found Glossier's first attempt at a bronzer a bit...meh. It wasn't awful but it did seem to move my foundation around when I went to blend it and was so sheer it didn't give my cheeks the sculpting they needed, so I just ended up never reaching for it. However, I was a big fan of the OG Cloud Paint blushes so I had some hope for Glossier's 2.0 bronzer.

First up, I was surprised to find I wasn't the palest shade in the lineup and considering the range only has five colours to choose from, this obviously isn't the most diverse of shade ranges. The paint element means there's no applicator so I went straight in with my hands for this one. The bronze hue did blend seamlessly and was on the cooler side of the shade spectrum, meaning it didn't leave me looking as orange as a tangerine – a bonus. I usually only need a tiny drop of the blush version to create a flush, but the bronzers did need a bit more layering.

Application around my cheek and forehead was a breeze, but I found the more narrow areas – i.e. nose, chin etc. – were a bit trickier due to not having an applicator. I did attempt to go in with a brush for these narrower nooks but the bronzing effect wasn't as punchy as when I used my fingers. For a cream product, I was impressed with its staying power and how natural it made my faux tan look. Plus, it delivered some hydration and glow to my skin too. So much so, unlike its predecessor, I'll definitely be reaching for these little paints again.

Elena Chabo, Beauty Writer

glossier cloud paint bronzer review
Before vs. after applying Glossier’s Cloud Paint BronzerHearst Owned

Shade: Coast

While the Cloud Paint blushes are beloved by many, I find them hard to blend on my skin. Do I think they're a bad product? Not at all. I know too many super-fans, and I understand that everyone's skin is so different – nothing is for everyone. So, while I didn't have the highest hopes for the buzzy Cloud Paint bronzers, I was still keen to test them out.

After a very muddy mishap with cool-toned Swept, I found the shade Coast to be a really lovely warm – but not too warm – tone on me. But I have to be candid and admit I found it quite hard to blend. It was ok on the flawless bare skin on my forehead but lower on my face where the skin is less juicy and I have a more subtle texture to my skin (pores, acne scarring) it was settling and patchy.

I found patting with fingers after applying with a brush was more successful than either alone; using the brush for spread and the finger heat to help it melt into the skin. I really liked how it looked around my hairline and the warm radiance they provided, so I have hope that with the right base, the right brush or the right skin type, this could be lovely, but I struggled to make it work.

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