Glen Powell Says That "Only" Sydney Sweeney Has Seen Certain Parts of His Body

He joked that they have a “different type of handshake.”

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Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney haven't been coy about their friendship in the press. Now, the Anyone But You co-stars are explaining the reason they have such a tight bond. During a new interview with People tied to the release of their new flick (which hits theaters Dec. 22), Powell said there was one scene in particular that made the actors get close (literally) quickly.

Powell and Sweeney's characters in the rom-com, Ben and Bea, travel to Australia for the same destination wedding, where they pretend to be each other's dates. While on the trip, the two go on a hiking excursion that doesn't end so well for Ben. During the group activity, Bea discovers a spider on Ben, which forces him to totally strip and insist that Bea investigate his down under to ensure that the insect isn't hiding in some crevice.

“I think I’ve seen …” Sweeney started, referring to filming the scene. “You’re the only person who’s seen!” Powell added.

Sweeney adds that she and Powell are now "really good friends," to which Powell jokingly responds that they now have a “different type of handshake.”

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“That was the moment where I thought this could be the end of my career, right here, right now on this cliff side,” Powell added.

Despite the scene's incredibly awkward nature, Powell said that he felt very comfortable with Sweeney. “The key to a great partner in that journey is someone who's not afraid to look dumb, and who's in it with you, and not protective," he said. "Sydney's just vulnerable. She just throws her heart onto film and throws herself in the deep end, and is the first person to be goofy in front of everybody."

The actors' trust was the key to making the whole situation more pleasant — well, that and self-tanner. “I think that's the one thing that we had, is that we both just had the best time looking stupid on this movie together. I think it makes for really, really great chemistry,” he said. “I had a wonderful makeup artist who would tan every inch of my body by hand."

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