Glamping on the roof

May 7—SHARON — Case Avenue Elementary third-grader Mae Fischer thought it was "insane" that her principal was dancing on the roof Tuesday.

Principal Traci Valentino promised to dance on the roof if the students met their goal for a fundraiser.

Not only did they reach their goal — they more than doubled it. The fundraiser was the Glow Run, in which students have sponsors and run laps around the gym wearing glow-wear. They raised more than $17,000, well exceeding their goal of $8,000.

Mae's third-grade classmates Penny Zolnier, Aubrey Coibin and Noahlani Stoner agreed with their friend that their principal is "insane."

Penny was having a great time during recess, as Valentino danced the "Cupid Shuffle" on the roof overlooking the playground.

"It's great," Penny said. "I get to hear her music, I got to meet with her. She's on the roof. It's basically the best time we've ever had today."

Penny said Valentino congratulated the students over a Google meeting in the morning. Each classroom had its own scheduled Google meeting with the principal where they got to see her view from the roof and talk to her for a few minutes.

"She said we worked the hardest on the PSSAs," Penny said. PSSA standardized testing took place last week. "And we got to see the view from up there, all the way to the church. It was very nice."

Valentino danced on the roof for her students nine years ago and they loved it. She has made many promises over the years that when her students reach their goal she will do something silly — and she has always delivered.

One year she stayed in "jail" all day, another year, she kissed a pig, one time she was duct-taped to the wall and this year, she went "glamping" — a portmanteau of the words "glamorous" and "camping" — on the roof.

Teachers came up to visit Valentino throughout the day and one even brought her pizza from Aldo's.

"I feel like if I'm dancing down the hallways, the kids are just used to it," Valentino said. "The kids were so excited. They couldn't wait to get me up here."

The goal was met in January and Valentino had to wait for a nice day to be out on the roof. She surprised all the kids Tuesday when she went out on the roof without them expecting it.

"It's the best seat in the house," Valentino said.

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