Girl upset that TV show poked fun at her wheelchair-bound pet chicken

Alora Wood is speaking out after ‘Saturday Night Live’ made fun of her disabled chicken, who walks with the assistance of a wheelchair. (Mikayla Feehan/Via AP)

A 10-year-old girl from Vermont, US, wants American television show ‘Saturday Night Live’ to “be more sensitive” after the program poked fun at her disabled pet chicken.

Alora Wood’s beloved pet chicken, Granite Heart, walks with the assistance of a wheelchair. But it came as a shock to Wood when Granite Heart’s story popped up in a joke on SNL’s “Weekend Update.”

“Guys, just eat the chicken,” joked “Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost.

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Wood told NBC she is disgusted by the idea of eating chicken.

“I know it was meant to be a joke, but what if it was a dog?” said Wood.

Despite the nature of the sketch, Wood says it is pretty cool to see Granite Heart getting so much attention on national TV. “I think it’s going to be easier for her when she learns to push with her foot,” Wood said. “She’s still working on it but I think she’ll get it really soon.”

Granite uses a wheelchair customised by Walkin’ Pets, a company in Amherst, New Hampshire that specialises in wheelchairs for pets.

Wood says that Granite Heart’s new set of wheels is a game-changer for her feathered friend, since “she couldn’t move around like all the other chickens and live a normal life.” 

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“We had our FIRST-EVER CHICKEN in the Walkin’ Wheels!!! Everybody, meet Granite Heart the chicken!” the company posted on Facebook a couple weeks ago, accompanied by a video of of the feathered friend walking with its special apparatus.

Granite Heart was born with a tendon disease in one of her legs, and could previously only hop on one leg, or fly short distances. The 2-year-old chicken’s life was made even more complicated when she was attacked by weasels last year.

But it turns out the indoor life can’t be beat for Granite Heart, who loves cuddling with her human family, and eating fruits and vegetables, PEOPLE reported.

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