Gigi Hadid: 'My daughter Khai is a genius'

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Gigi Hadid is sure her nine-month-old daughter is the "most genius baby" ever born.

The supermodel gave birth to Khai, her first child with Zayn Malik, in September last year, and has been discussing the joys of motherhood in a new interview with Access Hollywood.

Gigi is appreciating every small moment in the first year of her daughter's life and loves seeing her learn new things each day.

"The highlight is, I would say, the most simple things," she smiled. "Just seeing her learn something new every day, even if it's like picking up a cup or putting a ball in a hole. You just think they're the best, most genius thing that's ever been born. Yeah, just the small things, I would say."

Gigi is currently promoting the new Ralph Lauren fragrance Ralph's Club and while she wouldn't swap her day job, she's also thrilled to get home to her family farmhouse in Pennsylvania and spend time with loved ones.

"I've always been really good at that," she joked in a separate interview with People, when asked if she's learned to decline party invites since the Covid-19 pandemic struck last year. "I love work, but if I had a couple days off, I was running to the farm for a couple days.

"I think having so much time away like that, (now) when I get to be at work and be around friends, (I) appreciate it much more."

When asked to name one thing that has changed in her life since the global health crisis, apart from becoming a mother, Gigi said she has begun seeing a therapist on a regular basis.

"I started therapy which was great - for everyone," she said.