Giant Geothermal Lagoon Resort To Be Built In Canada

The Quebec-based company's new venture is inspired by Iceland's famed Blue Lagoon - a natural feature in the volcanically active European country. It will allow Canadians to visit a similar open-air lagoon utilising their patent-pending thermal reservoir heating system. The lagoon will combine a water bath with an insulated sub-tank to keep waters in an enormous 130,000-square-foot lagoon at 38 degrees Centigrade all year long. It will be built in Charlevoix, Quebec, which is just an hour northeast of Quebec City. For guests and residents, hundreds of chalets will encircle the swimming area. The first phase of the project involves the pre-sale of over 100 double woodland cottages, from $819,000. The luxury village will also feature art galleries, ski resorts, golf facilities, dining, and allow visitors to go on whale-watching experiences. The lagoon will be constructed in the second stage and will be built to swimming pool-level standards with no discharge into the surrounding environment. Construction is scheduled to begin in March 2023 and there are other plans for similar lagoons elsewhere in Canada.