GHI deals of the week: 5 top-scoring bedding products

GHI deals of the week: 5 top-scoring bedding products

Friday March 17 marks World Sleep Day, an annual event introduced by the World Sleep Society in 2008 to boost awareness of the importance of getting a good night’s rest. A decent snooze has been proven to have a profoundly positive effect on your health, helping to boost your immune system, reduce stress levels, improve mood and even prevent weight gain, to name just a few.

But a recent study by bedding brand Slumberdown found that more than half of us aren’t getting the recommended seven to nine hours of shuteye per night. This is naturally a problem: over time, a lack of sleep can lead to issues – not least making it more difficult to concentrate during the day and leaving you feeling generally cranky! With that in mind, we’ve picked out five tried and tested bedding items to help boost your sleep quality – and they’re all on sale.

From a comfortable hybrid mattress to a lightweight mattress protector, everything featured here has been designed to have a positive impact on your sleeping habits. Even better? All these products come highly rated by our GHI team, so if you do take advantage of one of these deals, you’ll be buying a reliable item at a great price.


For World Sleep Day, here are some great offers on mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers.