George Lazenby apologises for 'homophobic comments'

Actor George Lazenby has issued an apology after being accused of making “homophobic comments”.

The James Bond star took to Twitter on Monday to apologise for offending audience members of his recent onstage interview.

During the chat in Perth for The Music of James Bond Australian tour, 83-year-old George reportedly bragged about his “sexual conquests”, “was homophobic”, and “downplayed the Queen a day after she died”, a concertgoer told Perth radio station 6PR.

Another concertgoer told The West Australian newspaper that “It wasn’t until a brave member of the public shouted, ‘Excuse me, this is offensive,’ that the tension was released and George was jeered offstage and music saved the day.”

The actor later tweeted apologising for his comments.

“I am sorry and saddened to hear that my stories in Perth on Saturday might have offended some people. It was never my intention to make hurtful or homophobic comments and I am truly sorry if my stories that I have shared many times were taken that way,” he wrote. “I personally have friends within my close circle who are gay and I would never wish to offend anyone. Having been surrounded by strong women all my life, I have always admired and respected women and their wishes.”

The show’s production company, Concertworks, issued refunds to audience members and removed George from the tour. In a statement, the company’s lawyer Aaron Kernaghan said, “These were his personal views and there is no excuse for this in today’s society. They do not reflect the views of Concertworks”