George Clooney 'overstepped the mark' defending Meghan Markle

George Clooney explained last week why spoke out in defence of his friend, the Duchess of Sussex.

During an appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’, the 57-year-old actor revealed he considered the press attention Meghan had received “seemed to be a little unjust as she hadn’t done anything except live her life.”

His comments came after he said the pregnant duchess has been “pursued and vilified,” and compared the treatment of Meghan to Princess Diana, during a press promo in Australia in February.

But a PR expert says he was surprised by Clooney’s comments and thinks “it’s not really any of his business.”

Speaking on Yahoo UK‘s ‘The Royal Box,’ Nick Ede says: “I think he [George Clooney was overstepping the mark.

George Clooney has spoken out in defence of Meghan Markle [Photo: Getty]
George Clooney has spoken out in defence of Meghan Markle [Photo: Getty]

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“This is somebody who’s got to the top of her game, as in Meghan and with that, with that responsibility, becomes a lot.

“It’s like a huge wave, everybody loves it, it goes out and it comes right back at you and you have to, when you’re in that position, to experience that and to expect it and she’s no fool.”

George and his wife Amal were recently invited to a dinner at Buckingham Palace to celebrate Prince Charles’ charity The Prince’s Trust.

Human rights lawyer Amal, 41, was also announced as the figurehead of a new global initiative for the international branch of the organisation.