Geordie Shore's Sam Gowland discusses ‘sighting' of missing Jay Slater

Geordie Shore alum Sam Gowland has taken to his Instagram to discuss Jay Slater, the 19-year-old apprentice bricklayer who went missing in Tenerife earlier this month.

Jay, went missing on the island on 17 June, after he told a friend he was lost in the mountains and had 1% battery on his phone. His last known location was the Rural de Teno Park in the north - about an 11-hour walk from his accommodation.

Taking to his Instagram account, Sam, who was on series three of Love Island, began discussing theories on Jay’s whereabouts, before discussing sightings he’d seen online. “My head is completely gone now, with the missing Jay Slater case,” he began.

Sam Gowland
Sam took to Instagram to discuss 'sightings' he had seen online -Credit:Instagram/samgowland

“I’ve seen today, when I’ve been doing research on TikTok and watching the news, apparently there’s now been a sighting of him near a church.” Sam claimed to have seen the said video, and in his opinion, thinks “it could be him.”

He then claimed to have seen another video where somebody is in the woods, as he claims they were “suspiciously wearing the same clothes.”

“I’m just hoping and praying he’s found alive,” Sam continued. “What on earth is going on?” the reality star questioned.

However, many fans weren’t impressed with Sam’s video, claiming that it was in ‘poor taste’.

Jay Slater
Jay Slater is missing in Tenerife -Credit:Supplied

“This is in such poor taste. Using it for clout,” wrote one disappointed fan.

Others were baffled Sam had said he was doing ‘research on TikTok’. However, the Geordie Shore star reiterated in the comments that he hoped the teen was found safe and well.

“Hoping he’s found safe!!” he wrote, followed by: “Can’t actually believe what’s going on!”

Earlier this week ITV daytime show This Morning were ‘slammed’ online after one of its stars flew to Tenerife to join the search for the teen.

Jay Slater
Jay Slater has been missing since June 17th -Credit:Pixel8000

Crime journalist Isla Traquair was reporting live from the spot the teen went missing. Her report included footage of the Airbnb where apprentice bricklayer Jay was last seen, as well as the road he is thought to have walked along after deciding not to wait for the bus.

"Yesterday on #thismorning Isla Tarquair slams amateur sleuths for heading out to the location where #jayslater went missing in Tenerife, interfering & hampering police efforts. Today, Isla is in Tenerife & goes to location Jay Slater where went missing. ??" wrote one fan.

Another said: "Hold on, yesterday TikTok people going to Tenerife were getting in the way but it’s okay to send yet another reporter there?"

Isla suggested Jay could have taken a shortcut through hilly undergrowth in an attempt to head back to his accommodation after deciding not to wait for the bus.