"Reselling Forever 21 For $200 Is Diabolical": Millennials Are In Shock At The Wild Prices Gen Z'ers Are Trying To Resell Some Of Our Old Clothes For

As we all know, what goes around comes back around when it comes to fashion. I'm all for certain trends coming back, but what grinds my gears is when some of these younger generations call millennial fashion VINTAGE.

Yes, you read that correctly. Let me explain further: a Gen Z'er recently went viral after listing a pair of sequin cheetah print shorts from Forever 21, coining them "vintage," for almost $300 on Depop, a fashion reseller website. The real kicker is that these shorts once sold for only $15.

Sequined leopard print shorts lying on a fluffy fabric


Tweet by Danielle Vermeer comparing Gen Z and Millennial resale site descriptions, with humorous examples showing different pricing and item descriptions for shorts

Of course, the person who wanted to buy the shorts thought $298 was bananas, so they clearly negotiated hard and happily purchased the shorts for a "reasonable" $198. Someone pick my jaw up off the floor!!

And the internet cannot believe their eyes!

Tweet by user bubblez (@saishaveloue) on May 14 says, "reselling forever21 for $200 is diabolical."
@saishaveloue / Via Twitter: @coalesc_ing

Say it louder for the Gen Zers in the back!

Tweet by @coalesc_ing with display name gothirten: "How could something from forever 21, let alone Charlotte Russe, ever be worth $200+ ? I'm in shock"
@coalesc_ing / Via Twitter: @coalesc_ing

Lol, same.

Tweet by Judy Abraham saying, "Vintage Forever 21? Let me just go take my Metamucil in peace."
@JudyAbraham925 / Via Twitter: @coalesc_ing

Unfortunately for my fellow millennial friends, these Forever 21 cheetah print sequin shorts are not the only outrageous thing this Depop seller has listed and sold. Take this Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt that sold for ... wait for it — $88!

Red Abercrombie & Fitch sweatshirt with white stripes on sleeves, hanging on a wooden hanger in a store. Stack of shirts and framed pictures in the background
Tim Boyle / Via Getty Images

Or a pair of "rare Y2K" Victoria's Secret PINK pajama pants that sold for just under $100. WHAT??

Exterior view of a Victoria's Secret PINK store with a sign reading "life is PINK is life" above the entrance
Allen Berezovsky / Via Getty Images

While I am lowkey kicking myself in the butt for not holding onto some of my old Abercrombie items, it's certainly not ethical to use phrases like "vintage," "rare," and "unique" to draw people in when reselling items for more than double their price.

Kelly Clarkson, seated on a set, is gesturing with both hands up in a surprised expression. She is wearing a patterned shirt with stripes and floral designs

My advice is to be careful when looking to purchase items from reseller sites and do your research to know what exactly you're buying and if you're getting a reasonable price on it.