Tell Us The Big Trends Millennials Once Loved That Are No Longer "Cool"

Times have changed. Trends come and go. And whether we millennials like it or not, Gen Z'ers have been vocal about the fact that things aren't as ~hip~ as they used to be.

A woman cringing

So, Gen Z'ers, just for fun, I'm curious: In your opinion, which millennial trends are no longer considered "cool?"

Dan Levy, with a surprised expression, standing in front of a shelf in a scene from Schitt's Creek

Maybe you have some strong opinions on millennial fashion and agree with the masses that ankle socks are no longer in. Instead, you believe crew socks are a much better upgrade.

Pair of feet wearing ankle socks, both in a standing position, on a wooden floor. No people are identified in the image
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Perhaps you cringe at certain millennial phrases that were once popular, like the term "adulting" or the infamous "I did a thing."

Adam Devine, making a surprised face with hands on his cheeks, captioned with "I'M A REAL ADULT NOW"

Or maybe there are some millennial home decor trends that you can't stand, like all-gray everything and minimalist interiors.

A modern, minimalist living room with a gray sofa, decorated with two pillows, a white side table with a plant, and framed artwork on the wall
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Or perhaps you find other things millennials have done very awkward, like posting 100 photos on Facebook after one night out with friends.

Group of young adults partying, some with drinks in hand, dancing and laughing
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Be honest with us. In the comments below, tell us the millennial trends that are no longer "cool" — and be sure to explain why. Or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to use this Google form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.