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Gen Z is losing it over this 1990 JCPenney’s spring/summer catalog: ‘but why do I like these?’

A JCPenney’s catalog from 1990 has Gen-Zers wishing they’d been born earlier — and Millennials and Gen-Xers tripping down memory lane.

Uploaded by @wedontwannagrowup, a TikTok account dedicated solely to blasts from the past, the video has gained over 186,000 views, 15,000 likes and 700 comments.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen vintage fashions take off with Gen Z. Recently, a TikTok capturing the style of 1960s teenagers had Zoomers drooling over their groovy looks.

Now, the youth of today is longingly eyeing the pantsuits and shoulder pads of yesteryear — looks that middle agers aren’t quite ready to see make a comeback.

Aptly set to Céline Dion’s 1990 hit, “Where Does My Heart Beat Now,” the video thumbs through the many colorful and coordinated looks of the ’90s.

From denim vests and matching jorts, to belted button-down dresses and polka-dotted pantsuits, the styles seem to evoke a simpler, more patterned time — a time before smartphone face, Shein scandals or social media influencers.

While @wedontwannagrowup didn’t feature the prices of the clothing, pausing strategically reveals that many of the clothing articles ran from $20 to $26 apiece — which in today’s time would be $47 to $61, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator.

‘I’d totally wear lots of this’

TikTokers couldn’t get enough of the 1990s fashion and expressed a desire to see these styles return.

“some of these fits 🤌🏻🤌🏻,” drooled @kadesdoingthings.

“A lot of these pieces would be SWEET to find in a thrift or vintage shop! I’d totally wear lots of this 😂” commented @rebeccaschoneveld_bridal.

“Okay but why do I like these ? Lol,” mused @nessarocheller.

However, some users couldn’t help but notice the lack of diversity amongst the models — most of whom were white and all of whom were straight sized.

“🫣why was everyone so skinny?” observed @gizenia13.

“It’s so curious as a plus size person, what did the size charts look like and what sizes did most of the clothes come in?” wondered @fruitonbottom.

While we may yearn for the fashions of yesterday, it’s good to know we live in a time that strives for more diversity and representation (although perhaps sorely lacking in floral blazers and belted tunics).

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