"It Used To Disgust Me Growing Up": Gen X'ers And Millennials Are Sharing Things They Never Did When They Were Younger But Now Do On A Daily Basis

When you're younger, it's easy to forget that you're bound to grow and change as a person as you get older. So often, things you liked or disliked when you were younger change as you progress through life. This Reddit thread is filled with people sharing things they thought they'd never do when they were younger, but now it's part of their daily lives. Here are some of the top replies:

1."Nothing. And I literally mean 'doing nothing.' I thought my days would be filled with amazing and adventurous productivity from morning till evening then meeting my group of friends around a glass of wine every single night but nope."

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2."Smoke weed. I wasn’t introduced to it until I hit my 30s."


3."Work in an office job. My younger self isn’t best pleased."


4."Public speaking. I would literally refuse to go to school to avoid it and consequently never did any. Now, I lead meetings most days and give larger talks regularly."

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5."Watching what I eat to stay healthy. My younger self is sad because I used to eat whatever I wanted."


6."Get up and go to bed at the same time every day. I struggled with keeping a consistent schedule all through my 20s. I was a gamer with a very flexible WFH job and a love of nightlife and alcohol, so I was VERY much a night dweller. Now I'm in my early 30s with a baby, and if I don't go to bed at an appropriate time, it's not like I get to call a hangover day the next day."

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7."Be around children. I never wanted kids, and now I have three of them."


8."Drinking coffee. It used to disgust me growing up."

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9."I used to be horrified if I wasn't out on a Friday and Saturday night every week. Staying in on a weekend? Horrendous idea! Now I always stay in on the weekends and it's the best."


10."I watched rug cleaning on YouTube. It was fascinating. My 20-year-old self was not impressed with my 46-year-old choice."


11."Eat candy. I had a severe eating disorder in middle school through college and would rarely allow myself to have sweets. Now, after therapy and having kids, I eat a candy bar just about every day."

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12."My line of work. I went to college for accounting originally and my career is completely unrelated to it. I love how my mom warned me when I was picking my undergraduate studies that I would get too bored with accounting, and it only took a year and a half for me to realize she was right."


13."Doting on my partner, being real domestic for him. All throughout my 20s, I was very much independent and refused to do certain things for men. Now in my 30s, it kinda sparks joy. We kind of indulge in gender roles (within reason) now, and it feels nice."


14."Take as many vitamins and supplements as I do. I actually have a schedule for them and everything. Really never thought I’d be one of those people."


Is there anything you never expected to love or do that is now a part of your daily life? If so, share it with me in the comments below!