Gemma Atkinson reveals her 'pregnant face' as little Mia plays doctor

Gemma Atkinson has worked hard all week to throw her fiancé Gorka Marquez an incredible birthday celebration to remember, but it all went a bit pear-shaped for the actress – as she revealed to fans on Instagram.

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Just days before the Strictly Come Dancing pro turned 32, Gemma battled with an "extremely severe" toothache caused by a dry socket and an infection on her wisdom tooth.

WATCH: Gemma shows off her 'pregnant face' as daughter Mia takes care of her

Whilst the mother-of-one is on the road to recovery, with "two lots of antibiotics" and regular pain relief, she has developed what her fiancé Gorka calls a "pregnant face" due to her face being swollen.

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On Sunday, the former Strictly Come Dancing star shared an adorable video of her daughter Mia applying Arnica cream on her face.


Gemma showed off her swollen face to her followers

"That's it, lots of arnica," Gemma can be heard telling Mia, before reminding her: "Softly, softly, softly… thanking you!"

Captioning the clip, she added: "My doctor. Gorka says I've got my 'pregnant face' back as I've no jaw line, just a full moon."

She then went on to share a close-up of her face, which showed the swelling.

"Have to laugh! It's actually gone down loads from this! This was about 5hrs before I caved and rang the out of hours," she added.


The star, pictured before her tooth infection, celebrate Gorka's birthday over the weekend

Despite the incredible pain Gemma was under, she still managed to enjoy a special outing she had prepared for Gorka.

"A huge thank you to the wonderful staff @rammysocial as well! We planned a family meal for Gorka today. Didn't want to cancel as Mia was so excited," she told her followers.

"I couldn't eat anything so sad & watched everyone scoff the gorgeous food!