Gemma Atkinson claps back at critics in powerful post after being mum-shamed

New mum Gemma Atkinson sent a powerful message to critics via Instagram [Photo: Instagram]
New mum Gemma Atkinson sent a powerful message to critics via Instagram [Photo: Instagram]

Gemma Atkinson, who welcomed her first child in July, is tired of being mum-shamed and took to Instagram to clap back at critics in a powerful post.

Not afraid to share her thoughts on unsolicited advice, the former actress shared a quote which reads: “On your mark, get set, go f**k yourself.”

Alongside the not-so-subtle message, she listed a number of the criticisms she has received since giving birth to daughter Mia.

“She shouldn’t have a dummy. It’s not cold enough for a hat. I hope you’re breast feeding. Get a proper pram. Can’t believe you wake her to feed. She doesn’t need two blankets,” the 34-year-old wrote.

The list continued: “She shouldn’t be around the dogs. Her head isn’t supported on that. She’s sat too low in the papoose. Put mittens on her. Can’t believe you went out without her already.”

Despite her daughter being less than eight-weeks-old, Atkinson went on to explain that she has been bombarded with criticism since becoming a new mum.

“I’m absolutely all for getting help and advice,” she emphasised. “But there’s ways to do it.”

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As for the quote, she advised that critics, who she refers to as “unqualified experts”, print out the message and hang it on the wall next to their “perfect parent award”.

Parents across the nation appreciated the post - which has since garnered over 110,200 likes - with a number of followers praising Atkinson’s honesty.

“Good for you! Us parents are all finding our way,” one wrote. “But it’s our way and decisions we make that are right for us and our babies at the time... Well done on saying this at eight weeks! No time for unsupportive unhelpful cr**!”

Another agreed, adding: “Love this! I always say follow your gut instinct as a mother’s intuition is always right. You’re doing an amazing job.”

While others took the opportunity to share their own experiences with mum-shaming in the past.

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“Everyone is an expert on your baby. I found this out when I had my three, now they are 23, 19 and 17 so I'm glad I did what felt right for me and didn't listen to the ‘know it all mums’,” a fellow mother wrote. “You do what feels right for you and works for baby and f**k everyone else. You're doing great!”

Another social media user stressed that she ignored a majority of critics during pregnancy and her son has gone on to be successful regardless.

“I winged it from day one and he graduated with a degree in politics and history recently. So waking him up to feed every two hours *with a bottle* (he was 4lb 14oz) never recognising whether his cry was hunger or attention seeking etc... Basically it did him no harm,” she commented. “People should shove their opinions where the sun don’t shine!”

Atkinson regularly shares refreshingly honest posts about motherhood via Instagram from details of her difficult c-section to ways in which she learned to embrace her post-partum body.

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