Gemma Arterton Talks Lazy Skincare, Inner Confidence And How She's Bouncing Back

For British actress Gemma Arterton, looking good and having beautiful skin seems like part of the mega-star job description but now it’s actually part of her job. 

Recently unveiled as the new face of Neutrogena, Gemma was in London to launch the new Hydro Boost range and, upon meeting her, she seems the perfect role model for beauty - both inside and out. 

Not only has she had a successful career both on screen and on the stage, Gemma is widely known to be a strong supporter of women’s rights. It’s all interlinked to her though, “Good skin really does inspire confidence and gives me a sort of strength which helps me to believe in myself and help others.”

Having just finished a West End stint with the lead role in Nell Gwynn, Gemma has made the transition from St Trinian’s school girl to A-list Bond girl with seeming ease but it didn’t come without challenge. 

"You really need to develop a sense of resilience, I’ve learnt first-hand that there are going to be setbacks in life and you will get knocked down, but it’s all about how you bounce back from it. I’ve been turned down for roles and been told that I’m not able to do things, but my motto is to take the rough with the smooth and the ups with the downs.”

A radiant Gemma spotted at Wimbledon last week [Getty]

Talking about her latest appointment as Neutrogena ambassador, alongside the likes of Jennifer Garner and Kerry Washington, Gemma has actually been using Neutrogena since childhood. “My father was a welder with proper welder’s hands so when I was growing up, there were always tubes of the Neutrogena hand cream (£3.69) lying around. It seemed like a really natural fit for me.”

After the Hydro Boost launch in London, she’s then off to Paris for the French launch. With such a busy schedule, it’s hard to work out where Gemma finds the time to look after her skin? Her secret? Micellar water, the much loved one-step solution for those of us who know the importance of taking off our makeup, but are slightly too lazy for the full water cleansing routine. 

“I like to use micellar water in the evening to take my makeup off but I never knew how to pronounce it, is it micell-er, micell-are, micell-air, bel-air?!” laughs Gemma. Now as brand ambassador, she’s fully clued up “FYI guys, it’s actually mis-cell-air” she informs us knowingly. 

Gemma’s skin is always glowing and red-carpet ready [Getty]

In addition to the stressful schedule, Gemma noticed that heavy make-up  and filming in air conditioned studios with harsh lighting was starting to take it’s toll. Especially having reached “the ripe ole age of 30”, as she puts it, fine lines and wrinkles were a growing concern for her.

“That’s why I love the Neutrogena Hydro Boost moisturiser in the morning- it leaves a sort of glowy film on my skin and keeps it feeling hydrated throughout the day, no matter what I throw at it.” Prodding her cheeks, she laughs, “It’s literally bouncing back!”

Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, the Hydro Boost formula was designed with slow release moisture in mind. It’s  "I think of like drinking water - we don’t only drink morning in the morning and before we go to bed, so why should the same be with our skin?”

Launched in the US last year to wide blogger acclaim, the Hydro Boost range is finally coming to the UK, available at Boots this month. 

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