Gardeners’ World Winter Specials: see Monty Don's own garden

Monty Don is an expert in all things gardening with plenty of books, audiobooks and TV show appearances showcasing his love of all things green. As such, it is probably not at all surprising to hear that his own garden, Longmeadow, is simply beautiful.

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From growing his own vegetables in a greenhouse to an insight into his favourite plants, see Monty’s own garden here…

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Don has owned the garden since 1991 with his wife Sarah. He has previously opened up about how he enjoys letting the grass grow to help with the wildlife of his garden, telling Radio Times: “Cutting grass burns lots of fossil fuel, makes a filthy noise and is about the most injurious thing you can do to wildlife.


Monty often shares snaps of his garden 

“Whereas letting grass grow, which is, after all, a pretty passive thing to do, is probably the single most effective thing you can do in any garden of any size to encourage particularly insect life, but also small mammals, invertebrates, reptiles.”


A snap of one of his garden sheds, The Mound

He added: “I like walking on a lawn with bare feet as much as the next person. The obsession, which tends to be male, which is controlling rather than embracing, with making a lawn that is pure grass without any filthy and foreign invading plants in there, making sure it’s stripy and neat, and – phew! – just one aspect of life that’s under control. That just doesn’t cut the mustard. It’s just not good enough. We’ve all got to get beyond that.”

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In a sweet post, he also shared a snap of his favourite flowers, writing: “I don’t care if it is as common as muck - I love crocosmia ‘Lucifer.’” In another, he shared a gorgeous row of bushes leading up to a blue-painted shed, simply labelling it ‘The Mound’.


Unfortunately, the garden isn't open to visitors

In another post, showing a neat section of the vast garden, he wrote: “Although box blight has changed this garden hugely in the past few years, we still have some of the larger box hedges and they still look okay.” See more snaps from his beautiful garden on Instagram.

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