Gardeners' World host Monty Don, 67, shares health concerns

Gardening is known to help lift the spirits and keep us well, so it comes as a surprise to know that much-loved horticulturalist Monty Don has been seriously unwell over the years.

In his book, The Jewel Garden, which he co-wrote with his wife Sarah Don, the Gardeners' World star went into detail about his health, explaining: "I remember one particularly grim November week I had dysentery, a bad sinus infection and thrush simultaneously. Happy days.

"The body becomes a burden," he added. "Your immune system packs up, your bowels go haywire, your teeth ache. Your hair falls out and your skin erupts, cracks or sags."


Monty and Sarah Don wrote a book together, detailing their health woes

The 67-year-old said that Sarah can often tell when he isn't feeling his best, writing: "Sarah always says that I turn a yellowish grey when I am very down. It is all physical, all painful, uncomfortable and often disgusting."

Speaking of ignoring his symptoms, Monty added: "The body seems to be saying, 'don't you believe me? I'm ill."

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Sarah has been extremely unwell herself, writing in their joint tome: "I was ill for months after our daughter was born.

"I had a slipped disc, a result of the bodged delivery, and was so anaemic that I needed a blood transfusion. My injuries were not acknowledged and as we tried to leave the hospital I had to walk down three flights of stairs because the lift had broken…. I was unable to walk or stand properly for over a year."


Spending time in the garden lifts Monty Don's spirits

Monty also has cancer as a child, and suffers from SAD, but appears to be much better now, explaining how time in the garden boosts his mood.

Speaking at the Chelsea Flower Show, he said: "It eases a troubled mind. It is happiness."

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