Garden Of The Seas: Superyacht Concept Includes Gigantic Greenhouse And Vegetable Garden

A superyacht is set to be built for billionaires with a love of growing their own fruit and veg and a pining for the ocean. Created by Berlin-based design studio 3DeLuxe, VY.01 allows budding green thumbs to cultivate their own produce on board. Fresh fish can be captured from the ocean, while additional water needed for the plants is made available by the seawater desalination system which is powered by the zero-carbon solar panels on the roof and the exterior. The 110m vessel will have a saltwater swimming pool, glazed roof and open sides that can close during stormy weather or to gain extra speed. The designers acknowledged building the ship would take up a lot of resources but said they hoped its owner would offer the boat as an educational hub when they were not relaxing on it.

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