Gal Gadot looks phenomenal in tight-fitting yellow dress as she reveals she suffers from debilitating condition

Gal Gadot, is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. However, despite her substantial success, the 38-year-old star candidly admits she grapples with a debilitating condition known as Imposter Syndrome, a psychological pattern of doubting one's accomplishments and fearing exposure as a "fraud".

The Israeli actress, who stunned fans in a figure-hugging yellow dress, opened up about her anxieties in a recent interview with L'Officiel magazine. Accompanied by a series of glamorous photos, Gal shared her thoughts on her sense of belonging in the star-studded world of Hollywood.

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"It’s funny, I always feel like I have this imposter syndrome, because I feel so lucky and I’m so happy that I get to do what I really, really, really love," she confessed, displaying a surprising vulnerability beneath her superstar exterior. "I always feel like, “I hope they’re gonna like it.” There’s never a moment when I’m like, “They’re gonna love this.”"

In navigating the intricate labyrinth of Hollywood insecurities, Gal found reassurance in an unlikely ally, famed "Godfather" trilogy director, Francis Ford Coppola. "He said, “You know, something? I’m always filled with doubts. I’m always afraid they’re not going to like it. I just follow my heart and I come into it humble,” she recounted.

This enlightening conversation with the legendary director helped Gal embrace her own insecurities, offering an invaluable lesson in humility.

With her husband Jaron Versano, Gal is set to take on her upcoming movie, "Heart Of Stone", where she not only stars but also contributes as a producer. Speaking of her role in Wonder Woman, she reflected on the potential for female-protagonist action movies to appeal to a broad audience, "as long as the story is universal, it’s good," she declared.

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Eager to transition from the perfect superhero to portraying a real, flawed person, Gal shared her excitement about her character in the upcoming movie. "I wanted to create a woman who has learned to do everything by herself. She can never be an open book; she can never trust anybody fully."

She also voiced her admiration for "Heart Of Stone" director, Tom Harper, appreciating his ability to craft character-driven narratives that emphasize emotional performances over mere action scenes.

Gal Gadot confesses she's a 'disgusting' parent
Gal Gadot confesses she's a 'disgusting' parent

The actress expressed her joy in working closely with her spouse, Jaron. Their complementary professional skills create a robust team, with her on-screen talent and his astute business mind. "Jaron has the business mind, and who else can take care of my interests better than my life partner," she gushed.

As she eagerly anticipates the audience's response to Heart Of Stone, Gal is also set to star as the villain in the upcoming Snow White adaptation. "It was a great shift. I can’t believe I got to play the Evil Queen, the first evil villain in the history of Disney," she exclaimed. "I get to sing and explore my theatrical, evil dark side."

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