The gadget all anxious pet owners need as lockdown eases

The gadget all anxious pet owners need as we start to leave home more. (Getty Images)
The gadget all anxious pet owners need as we start to leave home more. (Getty Images)

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Whether you acquired your four-legged friend during the pandemic, or have noticed increased separation anxiety over the course of the past three lockdowns, you might be wondering how to transition you and your dog back into normal life.

Our dogs are so used to having us around (and vice versa) that it can feel highly anxiety-inducing to leave them in the house - even if it's just for a few hours while we nip for a much-needed G&T.

Enter: The Furbo Dog Camera - a nifty way to keep an eye on your dog (or cat) while you're out of the house, dish out treats remotely and use your voice to soothe them when you can't be there in person.

Why we rate it:

Well, firstly, if you're a pet owner, it's likely that you've wondered what your dog or cat gets up to when you're out the house - and you'll finally be able to find out.

Just Google 'dog camera videos' to see some of the hilarious things owners have caught their pets doing.

Secondly, the 1080p full HD camera (with night vision) means you can easily keep an eye on your dog day and night, and, if you notice they are unsettled, talk to them via the two-way microphone on the app.

You'll also get a notification if your dog is barking and be able to dispense treats remotely to help entertain or calm them. You can even prerecord a message that sounds out before the treat is dispensed, so no need to put on your special 'pet voice' while out in public.

In short, it's win-win.

While, the gadget is definitely an investment, usually retailing for £249. It's currently on sale on Amazon, where you can save a whopping £60 off this dog-lovers' must-have, taking it down to £189.

What the reviews say:

With over 20,000 reviews from happy pet owners, many saying "every pet owner should have one" it definitely seems a worthwhile purchase.

  • "This pet camera is the complete package that I would recommend for every dog owner. From the top- notch mechanical features to the long-lasting quality build, you could not find better value. Many people say "your dog may only be a part of your life, but to your dog, you are their life." The Furbo is the perfect way to bring a new form of happiness and comfort to you and your companion for years to come."

  • "This dog camera ticks just about every box! I can check on what the dogs are doing when I’m out; I get an alert when they’re barking (so I can tell they’re not winding the neighbours up too much!) and best of all I can send them treats when I’m out. Really easy to set up and use, too. Definitely recommend!"

  • "This is the perfect way to ease our minds when we have to be away from our fur babies. We can see them, talk to them, and even throw them a treat (which they LOVE). I also love the person and alarm features—they really ease our minds, not just when the dogs are home alone, but even when we left for vacation! Overall, a top-notch product that we really rave about (and recommend to literally every pet owner we know)."

  • "Love this! Great for keeping an eye on Barky! Picture is fabulous, causing no end of delight with everyone who snatches your phone to feed the dog!"

  • "The camera quality is excellent, including the night vision and the other features such as being able to speak to your dog, bark alerts and tossing treats are very useful."

  • "I don't really know why they've called it a dog thing because this is clearly a cat thing!...It was really easy to set up and seems to work consistently when I got it in the right place for wifi. The cats are interested in it and I got some really funny images of them going up to it and sniffing it (it saves any movement)."

Buy it: Furbo Dog Camera | £189 (Was £249) from Amazon

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