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Funky bathroom? This top-rated mold remover gel made my shower bright white again, and it's down to $13

If you're planning a big spring cleaning project, add this formula to your shopping list, stat.

Low angle view of water flowing from shower head in bathroom.
Get ready to make your surfaces sparkle. (Photo: Getty Images)

Of all the household chores that exist, cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite. If given the choice, I'd rather do 50 loads of laundry or wash dishes for an hour to avoid having to tackle the loo. And if you can believe it, it's not the toilet that grosses me out the most; it's the shower. The soap scum, the dried-up shaving cream on the wall, the hair in the drain, the mold in the corners — it's all too much. When news of the Amazon Big Spring Sale was first announced, I thought: This is my chance to finally deep clean my bathroom. If I could just find an Amazon deal on the right product, I could get my shower bright white again.

Unfortunately, I couldn't wait. The mold and mildew between the tiles and on my shower window sill started haunting my nightmares. (Yes, I know it's gross, don't judge.) I hated looking at it every day when I showered, but I also felt completely overwhelmed by the prospect of hand scrubbing the tiles for hours just to remove it all. In a midnight desperation search, I scoured Amazon for literally anything that would make the job easier and more manageable and that's when I came across the Sugelary Mold Remover Gel. Nearly 2,000 five-star ratings? I was intrigued.

A pointed tip and included plastic gloves make for a safe and easy application, whether you're tackling the washing machine or kitchen backsplash tile. If you have several places that need to be cleaned, consider investing in the 2-pack, as one bottle can go quickly (especially in a large area, like the shower).

$13 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

Ordinarily, I'd say a $2 discount isn't anything to get excited about, but when you consider the most it's ever been discounted is $4 off, I'll take it. Plus, it's one of those products you'll undoubtedly use in many places around the house, so any savings is good savings.

Why do I need this?

Rather than wait until the Big Spring Sale, I decided to purchase the Sugelary Mold Remover Gel a few weeks ago to test in my shower. You should know that's just one of the places it can rejuvenate, though. Lots of folks have used it to remove the gunk from inside the plastic ring on their front load washing machine, while others have tried it on sinks and on shower heads. With spring cleaning season right around the corner, this product is definitely worth considering for anyone who wants to deep clean places that are prone to growing mold and mildew.

As soon as my gel arrived, I unboxed it, put on the plastic gloves it came with and started applying it to a few small sections in my shower. I was anxious to see if it worked as well as some reviewers claimed. According to the instructions, you're supposed to apply the gel, let it sit for at least five hours, then wipe with a wet cloth. My impatience got the best of me and after 15 minutes, I decided to wipe away the gel from one section just to see.

Before using Sugelary Mold Remover Gel:

bathroom before
Sorry if you're grossed out by my bathroom. I warned you I hate cleaning it. (Jeanine Edwards/Yahoo Life)

After using Sugelary Mold Remover Gel:

after mold remover gel
The mold isn't completely gone, but in just 15 minutes you can see it's already starting to disappear! (Jeanine Edwards/Yahoo Life)
mold remover shower gel
I reapplied the gel and let it sit overnight for eight hours. The result? No more gross mold! (Jeanine Edwards/Yahoo Life)

As you can see from the pics above, progress! There's so much less visible mold and nastiness, even after just a few minutes. After the full eight hours, all the ickiness was gone.

A few important notes from my personal experience. First, use the gloves. This stuff is powerful and contains chemicals you do not want touching your skin. Second, the gel is thick and requires a lot of patience to remove thoroughly. It's also clear, so it's tough to know if you got it all off. Lastly, open a window and/or put on a fan when you're the gel; it has a pretty unpleasant odor.

What reviewers say

Many Amazon shoppers are impressed with the gel, commenting on how easy it is to use.

"Being an older person with years of experience with solvents promising miracles and not delivering, I was about as skeptical as one could be regarding this product. worked!" one person wrote in their review. "I slathered a LOT of it on the area and left it to work for close to 20 hours. There was still a small area that had a faint stain. But the overall result was fabulous and quite acceptable. I think a second application to that one small area will do it."

Another shopper commented, "Nearly six years of the black mold that looked like a leopard was spreading in the washer and shower. My husband came across this and I was very skeptical. But for $13 why not one more time? And WOW! Left on the washer ring for five hours and it was nearly all gone without lifting a finger. Shower I left it overnight and I woke up to sparkling caulk!"

Like me, many commenters on Amazon complained about the strong smell and how difficult it can be to wipe up completely. "The only downside, the gel is a bit difficult to clean up," one person explained. "I would [recommend] an old microfiber [cloth] that you rinse multiple times in the process."

Another shopper who says they're a big fan of the product added, "The fumes get really bad after the first hour so I had to open windows to allow ventilation."

In addition to using the gel in your washing machine and on your shower walls, you can grab it to tackle sinks and tubs. "I had stubborn mold on the caulk in my kitchen sink and bathtub in my apartment," one shopper explained. "I tried bleach spray, toilet cleaning bleach gel and everything else I had, but nothing even put a dent in it. This stuff works and is easy to use — it sticks where you put it and gradually bleaches it away. On the white caulk in my tub, the stains were gone in about two hours. I left it on for a whole day to get clear caulk clean. You can see through the gel to tell if it's done or not. It took about half a bottle to do the tub. I'm very pleased and will buy again."

$13 at Amazon

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