Funfetti Is Bringing a First-of-Its-Kind Treat to Stores This Spring

This sweet treat is worth celebrating.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

When we think of fun and festive desserts, Funfetti immediately comes to mind. Between birthday cookies and donut holes, Funfetti has a lot to offer when you’re looking for a sweet way to celebrate.

Now, it has something new: a perfect treat for those warm spring and summer days when you’re craving something cool from the freezer.

Funfetti’s New Ice Cream Cake

Funfetti teamed up with global food company Rich's I Love Ice Cream Cakes to release the first-ever Funfetti Ice Cream Cake, available now at grocery stores nationwide.

We've already seen Funfetti take over the freezer section with its colorful ice cream and enjoyed those Elf on the Shelf mixes during the holidays, so it only seems fitting that this famous brand would offer a festive ice cream cake to make those special occasions even sweeter.



The round Funfetti cake features cake-flavored vanilla ice cream dotted with colorful sprinkles and covered in creamy, whipped icing. Each cake can serve up to nine people and costs $19.99 (prices vary by location).

"This is an exciting partnership for our beloved I Love Ice Cream Cakes portfolio," said Jessica Stainsby, senior product manager of Rich's ice cream cakes category. "Our team is always looking for ways to deliver greater value to customers and consumers, while further strengthening our position as the leader in the retail ice cream cake market. This new Funfetti Ice Cream Cake is just one example of our dedication to innovation, offering products that serve as the foundation for celebrating all of life's special moments – big or small."

You can find this new Funfetti Ice Cream Cake in the bakery freezer cases at your local grocery store, including ShopRite, Publix, and Kroger

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