Full Moon in Capricorn: What it means for your zodiac sign + easy goal setting rituals

full moon in capricorn june 2024 affect on all zodiac signs
Full Moon in Capricorn: Predictions for all signsHearst Owned

Are you ready to embrace the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn on June 21st?

There’s never been a better time to step up to your potential, align with your ambitions and cast off the doubts that’ve been causing you to play small. Hopefully the answer is a resounding YES, because this lunar phase is asking you to get serious about what it is YOU really want in life.

Capricorn is represented by the dexterous goat, an animal that can climb the highest, seemingly unscalable, mountainsides. This is linked to the personal mountains we need to climb - often in our career, but also in areas of our life where we want to be admired and noticed.

Capricorn’s Earth sign energy allows us to tap into our ambitions and own them. This is a crucial time to think about what ‘achievement’ means to you. What do you aspire towards? In what direction are you aiming?

Your version of success is completely unique and personal – just like your entire experience living on this planet, and what you want from life, is yours and no one else’s.

What’s more, it’s constantly changing, because you are not static: you are constantly transforming and evolving, with every thought you create, experience you have and lesson you acquire.

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn energy brings a certain amount of discipline to the table. It’s known for being structured and - in its lower vibrational form – overly rigid. Ambition can trump all else when Capricorn digs its hooves in, and this can come at the expense of personal self-care, close connections and compassion for the needs of others.

Hidden desires, instinctual whispers, limiting beliefs and internal shadows can become more apparent over a Full Moon - it’s why we can feel discombobulated, struggle to sleep or have intense dreams. Our intuition is demanding that we pay attention.

This is why Full Moons are the time of the lunar cycle we work on releasing that which no longer serves us. This phase helps us identify where we are blocking ourselves from moving forwards in regards to our intentions and objectives.

Questions to ask from this Full Moon

The role of Capricorn in the zodiac is to help us focus on what it is we want to achieve in life, employ mental fortitude and determination, and move with focus towards our ambitions.

In the UK, the Full Moon reaches its apex at 1:08am on June 22nd, meaning that the day leading up to it and after it is a perfect to engage in self-development practices such as meditation and journaling.

You can use these in order to identify:

  • What it is you truly want to strive towards in life. What is your idea of success? Where have you been climbing a mountain or struggling to succeed in an area that doesn’t align with your dreams and desires?

  • How do you balance your time when it comes to career and self-care, or work and fun? Have you been investing too much in one area, and can you create a better attitude of balance?

  • Where do your fears and lack of confidence in your talents hold you back from taking that crucial step onto the next rung of the ladder towards your ultimate goals?

The Full Moon is likely to bring up situations that ask you to assess the current structure of your life. Where are you feeling exhausted from pushing too hard? Where do your actions now feel unrewarding? Where are you allowing the boundaries to blur in situations or relationships that have become unhealthy?

Certain areas of your life will be thrust into the spotlight over this Full Moon, so read these horoscopes for your Sun and Rising Sign to see where you can work on…


The Full Moon lights up the part of your chart associated with your career, so notice what comes to the surface for you regarding professional ambitions, Aries. It’s time to release yourself of any limiting beliefs that stop you from striding forward with determination towards a role that feels completely attuned to your desires. If this means letting go of an outdated version of ‘success’ then so be it.


Over this Capricorn Full Moon, notice where you’d like to broaden your horizons or expand your knowledge, Taurus. What trip would you like to take, skill would you like to acquire, or wisdom would you like to share? How could venturing into a new territory kick start a chain of events that align with your deepest ambitions?


This Full Moon brings up opportunities for radical transformation, so when a chance to face a fear or dive into your shadows arises then make sure to take it – you’ll be gifted with the determination and resilience to shed yourself of a mindset or situation that’s been hindering your progress. Gemini, use this Full Moon to dive below the surface and peel away the narrative structures you’ve been living by until now.


This is a Full Moon to consider your relationships. Do you have healthy boundaries with your loved ones? Is there an equal balance of give and take in your partnerships? Have you been expecting too much from yourself or others? Give yourself a break Cancer, and see what flows. However, Full Moons are also about releasing yourself from limiting situations, so if you’re with someone who isn’t treating you with the respect you deserve, it’s time to be honest with what you need.


This is a Full Moon to assess your routine, health and job. Try cutting out a habit that’s dragging you down, get serious about an exercise routine, or draw up a healthy eating plan! If you’re not happy in your job, Leo, start thinking about the small steps you can make that will change the game and align you with your true ambitions – they could be the catalyst for huge results further down the line.

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world of woo womens health

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This is a Full Moon to put yourself in the spotlight and allow your talents to shine, Virgo - even if it doesn’t feel entirely comfortable! Taking the stage in a way that expresses your authentic nature could open doors towards a success story that feels true for you, not just what other people expect. Allow yourself a chance to dazzle and notice what opportunities arrive!


This is a Full Moon to see how self-care can facilitate your growth, Libra. Slow down, reconnect with yourself and use it as a chance to regroup. When your nervous system is settled then we can make more aligned choices – do exactly this over the Capricorn Full Moon. Swap socialising or crammed to-do lists with a night in at home and see what comes to the surface when you prioritise yourself.


Over this Capricorn Full Moon, take some time to notice where you hang back from sharing your ideas because you fear judgement from others, Scorpio. Challenge yourself to communicate your needs and values, whether that’s in writing, public speaking, teaching or educating yourself. If you’re being held back by an outdated narrative that suggests your voice isn’t as relevant as someone else’s, then this Full Moon is crucial for switching your mindset into one of self-belief.


This Capricorn Full Moon is a powerful time to assess your attitude towards financial abundance and self-worth, Sagi. Where do you feel restricted in your ability to support yourself? Have you been playing it safe or ignoring your true ambitions because of an attachment to material security? Combine the practicality of organising your finances with deeper healing when it comes to your wealth mindset, and you’ll have taken an important step!


The Full Moon in your sign asks you to accept where you’ve been trying to live up to society’s idea of what it means to ‘achieve’ something. You have been gifted with determination, resilience and a hardworking mentality, Capricorn, and when you apply this to your real dreams then anything is possible! Use this Full Moon to work on shedding any lingering limiting beliefs regarding the talents you have to offer the world. Step one starts today!


This is a wonderful Full Moon to embrace deep healing, especially if it involves therapy, dream-work, psychic guidance, crystal healing or any self-development practice. Prioritise self-care and think about how you can slow down, focus on nurturing yourself spiritually, and retreat from the usual expectations of ‘success’, Aquarius. We need a period of restoration before regrouping and striding back up the mountain, and this is your chance to do that.


This is the ideal Full Moon to reconsider your long-term plans, Pisces. Do they currently align with the person you want to become? Can you make a vision board that represents where you’d like to be in five years? Think about how you can join a group or network that allows you to expand in some kind of way, as this might be just the leg-up you need.

Bex is a professional astrologer specialising in feminine self-development astrology, helping women worldwide to align with their own potential by harnessing the power of cosmic energies. The aim is to use the stars and the lunar flow to tap into your highest vibrations, moving from being the passenger on this star-studded journey to being the driving force! She has held workshops all over the world, from Wilderness in the UK to Magnetic Fields in India. Follow her on Instagram, @cosmic_cures

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