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Do Frownies really work? The TikTok-approved facial patches aiming to reduce wrinkles

Frownies facial patches
These facial patches promise to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, but do they really work? (Frownies)

Wrinkles and fine lines are a common skin bugbear. Unfortunately, there's not a huge amount topical products in your skincare routine can do to drastically reduce them.

Another option is Botox, an injectable muscle relaxer that uses a toxin to temporarily prevent a muscle from moving. However invasive treatments aren't always a long-term solution, and can be very expensive.

Currently growing in popularity however are facial patches; adhesive stickers which are considered to be an affordable alternative. These stickers try to mimic the effects of Botox by temporarily freezing the facial muscles.

One brand in particular that has garnered rave reviews, especially on TikTok, is Frownies, which has a range of patches to smooth wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and the mouth.

I decided to put them to the test myself, and try them out over a few weeks to see whether the Frownies patches really work.

I used the Frownies Forehead & Between Eyes Wrinkle Patches with Rose Water Spray bundle, which costs £46.46 and comes with 144 patches directly from the brand, all with perforated edges so you can customise them to your face shape or particular areas of concern.

However, you can also purchase a pack of Frownie Patches on Amazon for under £30. Here's our honest verdict.

Why we rate it

Frownies are self-adhesive facial patches designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by keeping your skin taut over a period of hours.

In the box of Forehead & Between Eyes Wrinkle Patches that we tried, there's 144 patches in the shape of rectangles. You can then tear across the perforated lines to get smaller stickers for narrow areas, such as between the eyes, or cut them to perfectly fit your face how you like.

To use, simply moisten the shiny side with the rose water spray, then apply and smooth across whichever area you want to target. Leave for a minimum of three hours, or overnight, then remove them by wetting with lukewarm water and peeling off.

I liked to use them during the day when I was working from home and had no Zoom calls scheduled (as they do look like you have plasters stuck to your face once they're applied).

Whilst they don't come cheap, they are much more affordable than Botox appointments every few months, and with Frownies, you can apply them from the comfort of your own bathroom.

Our review

I half expected the Frownies facial patches to be messy, not sticky enough to stay on and painful to remove, but I couldn't be more wrong.

However, when moistening them with the rose water spray, don't saturate the patch as this will affect the adhesive - just one or two spritzes is enough.

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They feel very secure when on, I wore them for a total of six hours at most, three at a minimum and they didn't budge at all, nor did they feel heavy or like they were pulling on our skin. I went about my day as usual at home, working at my desk, making lunch, watching TV etc and they didn't slide one bit.

Removing them was a doddle, too. I used a lukewarm flannel to pat all over the patch and then they peeled off painlessly.

It's important to remember with products like these that there's only so much difference they can make.

Fine lines on my forehead had improved and looked smoother, but the results were temporary, lasting for a few hours before the skin returned to normal.

While I didn't see a drastic change, I do think they'd be a great treatment to use ahead of a big event, such as before a wedding, party or big evening plans. They're comfortable, easy to use and simple to get to grips with.

Not to mention, with 144 patches to get through, they'll last you ages too.

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