Vogue Paris features transgender model on revolutionary cover

Vogue Paris’ latest issue features transgender model Valentina Sampaio [Photo: Instagram/vogueparis]

Recently, we saw Vogue choose a range of models for their March cover including plus-size icon Ashley Graham. In a bid to show a more inclusive idea of beauty, the king of fashion publications had made a start in showcasing real diversity.

Vogue Paris, however, has just one upped them. Editor Emmanuelle Alt chose transgender model Valentina Sampaio to star on the front of the magazine’s March issue.

It is the first time a transgender person has ever featured on the cover of such a prestigious title. In her editor’s letter, Alt writes that she “felt it was important right now – crucial even – to celebrate those who are transgender.”

The Brazilian model is also an ambassador for L’Oreal Paris [Photo: Instagram/valentts]

She added that “when the day comes that a model like Sampaio can appear on a magazine cover without the publication needing to mention a model’s chosen gender identity, then victory really will have been achieved.”

The exceedingly dark and glamorous cover was shot by famed photographic duo Mert and Marcus. Alt explained to US Vogue that she had already decided to feature a transgender model but chose Sampaio after her assistant spotted the Brazilian model online.

US Vogue’s March issue also focused on inclusivity [Photo: Instagram/voguemagazine]

Explaining her monumental decision further, she commented: “We are living in a world at the moment, what is happening right now, we are stepping back. Instead of being in a constant evolution, which is what should happen, human rights… They’re not going in a good direction. This cover is about the importance of those rights, and we still need to make progress on an awful lot of stuff.”

The protesting surrounding Donald Trump never ceases but at least his archaic attitude is spawning others to send a powerful message to the masses. This Vogue cover is demonstrating that diversity is positive and equality is a right for all. And that can only be a good thing.

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