Free runner captures stunning images of London landmarks

Parkour professional Toby Segar, who is a member of the specialist parkour group STORROR has filmed himself performing death-defying feats at a number of familiar locations within the capital city as part of a campaign for Samsung.To capture the choreography, he used the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. He said: “Filmmaking is a huge part of my life as we’re always capturing content on the go. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 comes in super handy when I’m training on my own and I just want to set the camera down and get some shots. Being able to see what I’m framing on the front screen is game changing.” Describing the device as a “pretty wicked bit of kit”, the 28-year-old set the device to either Quick Shot to take self-portraits or FlexCam mode - meaning that he no longer has to rely on strangers or friends to take pics and video for him. “I can just put the phone down on a bag, get the angle just right. So, you’re basically not going to have any more trouble completely guessing what the frame’s going to look like,” he added.