Fred Durst warned Yung Gravy about drugs

Fred Durst warned Yung Gravy about drugs credit:Bang Showbiz
Fred Durst warned Yung Gravy about drugs credit:Bang Showbiz

Fred Durst warned Yung Gravy not to get too caught up in drugs.

The 52-year-old Limp Bizkit frontman offered the advice to the 26-year-old rapper when Gravy supported the band on multiple dates of their ‘Still Sucks’ tour earlier this year.

Yung Gravy told NME: "The band is really cool and Fred Durst is such a nice guy. The whole band is down to earth.”

"I think any artist gets the same kind of memo from a mentor, but Fred Durst, he was like ‘man don’t get too into drugs'. That’s what everyone says, and that’s what I’d say to anyone else [because] I’ve had phases before when I was too into drugs and drinking."

Meanwhile, Fred previously revealed he has never touched drugs.

Speaking about fame, he said: "It was like shooting up. The needle’s in, I’m f****** going… not literally, because I’ve never touched drugs. It was crazy. Everywhere I go, I’m there in person, but I was carrying around this giant person behind me on a chain.

"I didn’t say no. I said yes to everything. I was just a kid from a farm in North Carolina, and I wondered how I was sitting in Hugh Hefner’s office. I never said no to anything but drugs. Everything else, I said ‘Yes’. No girls ever liked me and so when the girls started coming, even though it was superficial, I said yes. I said, ‘Bring it on!’. I couldn’t believe that all of these girls would sleep with me and not care about how boring I am. It was just yes, yes, yes to everything but drugs."