Four biggest bombshells from Baby Reindeer 'real life Martha' Piers Morgan interview


The woman who allegedly inspired the 'Martha' character in the Netflix series Baby Reindeer has been interviewed by Piers Morgan in a special for the show 'Uncensored'.

The 60-minute episode aired to the broadcaster's YouTube channel, which has 2.58 million subscribers, at 8pm on Thursday, May 5.

Netflix's original series Baby Reindeer is based on a true story and follows comedian and performer Richard Gadd's experience with a female stalker in his 20s - named Martha in the show - and how the trauma impacted his life. Now, the person accused of being the 'real life' Martha by internet sleuths has spoken out by going head to head with interviewer Piers in a TV clash.

The woman, who we are not naming, recorded her first "big TV interview" with the controversial broadcaster earlier this week in which she hoped to "set the record straight".

One woman has claimed she is the 'real life' Martha from Baby Reindeer
One woman has claimed she is the 'real life' Martha from Baby Reindeer -Credit:Social Media

Let's take a look at some of the most explosive bombshells from her interview...

'I won't watch Baby Reindeer'

Piers' interviewee was asked numerous questions about the show to which she is suspected to have inspired the 'Martha' character. But when asked whether she has watched the Netflix series, she replied: "I haven't watched any of it. I think I'd be sick. It's taken over enough of my life."

She continued to say: "I find it quite obscene. I've had a horrifying, misogynistic."

Piers Morgan on his show Uncensored
Piers Morgan on his show Uncensored -Credit:YouTube

Death threats

The woman on the show had been 'unmasked' by internet sleuths who named her as the 'real Martha' after investigating her on social media. The woman then revealed that following the airing of Baby Reindeer, she has received a number of death threats.

She said: "Some of the death threats have been really terrible online. People phoning me up. You know, it's been absolutely horrendous. I wouldn't give credence to something like that.

"And it's not really my kind of drama."

Actress Jessica Gunning plays character Martha in Baby Reindeer
Actress Jessica Gunning plays character Martha in Baby Reindeer -Credit:Ed Miller/Netflix

Denying stalker charges

In the final scenes of Baby Reindeer, the character of Martha is jailed for nine-months with charges of stalking of Richard's character, Donny. When Piers asked his interviewee about whether she'd ever been to prison, she replied: “That is completely untrue, very, very defamatory to me. Very career damaging and I wanted to rebut that completely on this show, I’m not a stalker, I’ve not been to jail - it’s complete nonsense.”

“If you’re charged with a criminal offence it will go fine, bigger fine, very few people go to jail nowadays.”

In the series, Martha and Donny meet at the bar where he works
In the series, Martha and Donny meet at the bar where he works -Credit:Ed Miller/Netflix

Baby Reindeer details

During the course of the interview, the ‘real life’ Martha has disputed the ‘facts’ of the show. The first being the cup of tea that Martha in the Baby Reindeer series accepts from Richard’s character Donny - instead, she said: “I was in for a meal with, a drink of lemonade, and I was very, very hungry. I'm diabetic, so, very hungry.”

The next thing she says is untrue is the amount of correspondence she had had with Richard. In the show Martha sent 41,000 emails, 350 hours of voice messages, 744 tweets, 48 Facebook messages, and 106 pages of letters. However when Piers puts that to her, she responds with: "Now, none of that's true. I don't think I sent him anything… No, I think there may have been a couple of emails exchanging, but that was it.”

In the show, Martha smashes up the bar which the interviewee also denies. She said: “My character seems to have smashed up a bar, sexually assaulted him in a canal, been to prison. There are a number of other allegations, and… That's not true.”