Former ‘Bachelorette’ star Andi Dorfman gives updates on wedding, 3rd book and more

Andi Dorfman
Andi Dorfman

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It’s been nine years since Andi Dorfman starred on The Bachelorette, and she’s finally found her happily ever after.

The Atlanta native got engaged to Blaine Hart last March and has since moved to South Carolina to start a life with him. After years of her love life playing out in the public eye, celebrating being single in her thirties, documenting her lessons learned in two bestselling books and more, Dorfman feels settled and happy.

For the latest episode of In The Know’s pop culture interview series We Should Talk, Dorfman opened up about how she and Blaine reconnected 15 years after first meeting, sharing her love story with the world, what their current wedding plans are and what it’s like living in South Carolina after years in New York City and Los Angeles. She also discussed their plans to run the United Airlines NYC Half marathon with New York Road Runners later this month, how she’s gone about defining herself away from The Bachelorette, what her relationship is like with the show now and her plans to release a third book.

“In the present, it’s about building a new life. Every time I’ve moved, I’ve had to build a new life, and now I’m building it with someone else. I’m getting married and we’re building a house together,” Dorfman said about her plans for the year. “I’m definitely doing a third book. It’s time. Everyone’s like, ‘Where’s the third book?’ Talk about pressure. I’ve always felt this internal pressure, and I’d been working on it during COVID, but there just wasn’t that ending. I couldn’t see the full picture of it. It was preventing me from continuing writing, but now I feel like I’m in a spot where I see the full picture and it changes my vantage point on the past.”

“I’m excited for that. I’m going to take this year to work on that and hopefully get it out next year,” she continued. “It goes back to that single life too. It’s like: Here’s the ending! I don’t want to just focus on happily ever after, because that’s not the end of my life, but [just] this chapter. I think the steps leading up to that are something that could be really beneficial to share with people.”

Watch In The Know’s full interview with Andi Dorfman below, and find out more about New York Road Runners here:

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