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Food is the heart of travel, so we rounded up some of the best things to do, eat, and see in our favorite cities around the United States.

<p>Oscar Wong / Getty Images</p>

Oscar Wong / Getty Images

It’s a beautiful thing, to be able to skip across state lines to pick out the foods, sights, and activities that make each community one-of-a-kind. The United States is special in this way: you can start the day with the best fried-green-tomatoes breakfast sandwich of your life, hop in the car, and enjoy a dozen East Coast oysters by dinnertime.

We know that kind of cross-state travel isn’t on everyone’s itinerary, so we kept it simple and zeroed in on the destinations we just can’t get enough of. The following guides were compiled by experts on each destination — whether they’re local or visitors who just can’t get enough of their city of choice.

Of course, each guide includes a crash course on the city’s food scene, from the modern classics making an impact on New York City’s pizza scene to the best barbecue spots in Austin. But these places are more than just a (really) good meal, so we also dug into the activities that make each place special, and plenty of hotel recommendations.

Think of these spotlights as a conversation with your most travel-savvy friend — the one who always nails the dinner vibe.

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