Make flower-shaped lavender bags to add fragrance to your wardrobe

lavender bags
How to make flower-shaped lavender bagsRachel Whiting - Hearst Owned

If you're looking for a simple craft project to freshen your home this spring, then look no further than these lovely floral lavender bags.

These bags are really easy to make and will scent your clothes beautifully. The dried rose petals or lavender buds make a sweet fragranced filling for a flower shaped fabric pouch that can be hung in a laundry cupboard. Simply loop them onto the hangers of your clothes for beautifully fresh-smelling laundry.

This is a really easy sewing project and great for beginners, as it doesn't require any previous crafting experience or the use of a sewing machine. It's also a great way to use up scraps of fabric leftover from other projects, as the bags don't require much fabric.

These bags make a lovely present for Mother's Day or for a special friend. We love the floral print of this fabric – and it matches the flower-shaped bags beautifully – but you could use any fabric print you have spare, or which best matches your home.

What you need to make lavender bags

  • Fabric scissors

  • Fabric

  • Needle and thread

  • Iron

  • Kapok

  • Dried rose petals or lavender

  • Ribbon

  • Felt

How to make lavender bags

1. Cut two circles of fabric to the same size. With right sides facing, sew together around the edge, leaving a small 4-5 centimetre opening.

2. Turn the right side out and press with a warm iron. Stuff with kapok mixed with dried rose petals (or lavender) until plump. Fold the raw edge of the opening inside and hand stitch it closed.

3. Take a long length of ribbon - wrap it loosely round the cushion about five times to get a rough idea of the length needed to create the petals and enough for hanging - and thread onto a needle.

4. Knot at the end and pierce through the centre of the stuffed ‘cushion’, then over sew around the edges to form the petals, pulling the ribbon tight each time to pinch in at the sides and ensure a defined tuck between each ‘petal’.

5. Secure the ribbon by sewing through the centre a couple of times and use the remaining length to create a loop for hanging. Cut out a small flower from felt and sew to the centre.

TIP: Forgo the ribbon loop and pop into drawers to give clothes a gentle fragrance.

Happy sewing!

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