Florence Pugh releases her first music as a singer-songwriter

florence pugh
Florence Pugh first music Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

Florence Pugh has released her first music as a singer-songwriter for the soundtrack to her new movie A Good Person.

The new film from Florence Pugh and Zach Braff, who both serve as producers, sees Pugh take on the lead role while Braff writes and directs.

In the movie, Pugh plays Allison, an aspiring musician whose life and career is halted when she is involved in a car accident that kills her future sister-in-law.

florence pugh, a good person

As part of the soundtrack, Pugh has released two songs that she wrote and performed, titled 'The Best Part' and 'I Hate Myself'. Both of the newly released tracks appear in the movie, sung by Pugh's character Allison.

"I wrote these songs for my character Allison in the movie to perform, but also as a way to process and digest her mindset and her low headspace," Pugh told The Guardian. "It was unbelievably helpful and hard; I wanted a song to reflect the self-hatred she had for herself in a way that the audience can truly understand."

Previously speaking to Digital Spy in an exclusive interview, Pugh said of the songs: "I wrote one song when I read the script, just to process how this person could feel this, how you'd feel, what you would think about yourself.

florence pugh, a good person

"I think it was just so important that those songs were a discovery for her. They were something that she could finally admit to herself when she was in rehab, so everything about that was just so sweet and tender.

"I was able to record them away from the character and not on a squeaky piano in a rehab centre and not playing Allison, which was also great. So I feel like I've been able to write them for her and then perform them as her, and then perform them as me, which is rare."

A Good Person is released in cinemas on March 24 and is available to watch on Sky Cinema from 28 April.

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