Florence Pugh on backlash she received after wearing 'free the nipple' dress

Florence Pugh has opened up about the controversy surrounding her 'free the nipple' fashion choices, commenting on the sheer Valentino gown that made headlines last year.

To recap, the Don't Worry Darling star wore a transparent Valentino dress to the label's haute couture show in Rome last July. Although the look was well received by the majority of fans (including us), with many praising her for her body confidence, others took to social media to shame Florence for freeing the nip.

Now, nearly a year on, Florence has commented on the saga, revealing to the New York Times that she was "surprised" by the negative reaction. "I did have a lot of positive comments, but I was surprised that people felt they were allowed to be really awful and say some disgusting things because of me showing my nipples," she admitted.

"Even though the dress was daring, it wasn’t in any way gratuitous. It wasn’t over-sexualised," Florence went on. "It was basically this beautiful dress and this beautiful fabric, showing off whatever it was that I had underneath."

"It isn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last time a woman will hear what’s wrong with her body by a crowd of strangers, what’s worrying is just how vulgar some of you men can be," she said in an Instagram post shared just days after going viral at the Valentino show. "Grow up. Respect people. Respect bodies. Respect all women. Respect humans. Life will get a whole lot easier, I promise."

Speaking about her decision to call out the backlash online, Florence told the New York Times: "I just could not wrap my head around the fact that showing my breasts was causing such anger — to the point where people were saying that if I got hurt, I deserved it. That was why I had to comment."


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