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Floors in need of a refresh? These mop slippers are less than $3 a pair and make cleaning fun, I promise!

Aifusi Mop Slippers go over your feet so you can slide your way to dust-free floors.

When my mom cooks (which is all the time), she always has a paper towel under each foot. She slides around her small kitchen from counter to stove to fridge catching drips as they hit the floor. “Clean as you go” is her cheery mantra, and she totally walks the talk. My house isn’t nearly as clean as hers; I can’t even dream of conjuring her level of enthusiasm for perpetual vacuuming and daily dusting. However, cleaning has been on my mind these days, so when a friend sent me the link for these chenille dust-mop slippers, I clicked. Not only are these clever cleaners an eco-upgrade to my mom’s floor-maintenance method, but at five pairs for only $14, they're also an absolute steal. Would these clean-as-you-go slippers improve the condition of my weary home? Only one way to find out.

Slip on these genius microfiber slippers to rid your floor of dust, fluff and more. It'll be the most fun you've ever had cleaning!

$14 at Amazon

Yay, my mop slippers are here!

I thank the Amazon Prime guy and bust open the package. As promised, it contains five pairs of chenille mop slippers — one pair each of purple, pink, blue, neon green and bright orange. I open the purple for closer inspection. They’re stretchy and soft, like very substantial Peds (remember Peds?) with nice-quality elastic around the top for a good fit.

I slip them onto my bare feet and discover that these little beauties are more intelligently designed than I realized. The outside has the long “pile” you see pictured. The inside has rows of a finer chenille, so they’re soft and soothing on my feet (my bunions say “ahhh”). It occurs to me that they’re actually reversible.

rows of multicolored mop slippers
Mop slippers will make you dance while you dust. (Amazon)

Putting these babies to the test

These comfy-furry (“comfurry”?) mop slippers can slide over shoes, but I choose to ride bareback (I don’t usually wear shoes in the house anyway).

My kitchen floor is made of wood-looking plastic, so my first concern is that the chenille will be slippery —but it’s not at all. It has just enough grip, just enough slide and I’m able to “clean as I go” like my mom, except I’m actually cleaning up from last night’s dinner while making this morning’s coffee. This is fun. I turn on some music and find myself skating around the kitchen, lunging here and there. I’m picking up specks while getting some much-needed functional exercise.

Next surface — actual hardwood. Doing yoga in my living room means an intimate downward-dog view of the film of dust that collects under the coffee table and elsewhere. I shimmy over there and swipe trouble spots with my super-powered chenille feet, then strike a downward dog to check my work. Clean as a whistle.

The white-and-black tile in the bathroom shows dirt more than anything else in the house. I decide to flip one chenille slipper inside out so I can do detail work. Turns out I’m a genius. Not only does the finer side of the slipper pick up dirt from the grouted spots between tiles, but it also inspires me to run a pointed foot along the metal baseboard (where dust loves to live). Swish, clean in a second, no bending over, no paper towels to add to the landfill. A win-win.

The wood stairs are my nemesis when it comes to dust. Back to my Old West metaphor, it seems like a place tumbleweeds park for a rest. Moving top to bottom, I give each step a quick corner-to-corner sweep. Voilà.

Versatile and easy to wash

Now I’m inspired. I decide to take things to the next level. I open the blue pair and fit one of the slippers onto the end of a mop. I go after some webs in a corner of my bedroom ceiling — a little cluster only visible at night with the bed lamps, which I never remember to get in the day when I’m cleaning. I nail it, then go room to room, slippers on my feet and one in the air, spot-cleaning all upper corners.

I come back with a very well-used mop slipper in need of a wash. I shake off the loose dirt outside, then drop it in the sink with the purple pair. Warm water, a drop of detergent, swish, swish, quick rinse. I ring out my mop slippers, then drape them on the shower rod. Because the soft poly is quick-drying, my mop slippers are ready for deployment a few hours later, good as new.

3 photos of person using mop slippers differently: by hand on the countertop, on their feet, and on a mop head
How do I love these? Let me count the ways. (Amazon)

The verdict

Floorcleaning, fitness and fun in a $14 purchase? These mop slippers are my new favorite find. I slip them on each morning when I get out of bed, and my feet feel warm and cared for. Throughout the day they get me off my butt and onto my feet. Instead of noting (with dread) a smattering of crumbs or a film of dust, I attack it on my way to check the mail or while making lunch.

I decide to put two pairs upstairs and two pairs downstairs. I hoard the orange pair for when I have the motivation to tackle the basement. Cold concrete floor, I’m coming for you. But not right now.

For the moment, I’ll sit right here, sipping tea, with my feet encased in cozy chenille. Clean as you go. That’s my motto. But first? Relax and enjoy.

At under $3 a pair, these comfy cleaning slippers are an absolute steal.

$14 at Amazon

And while you're at it, how about a sock-like ceiling fan cleaner?

Made of a thick microfiber, this unassuming cleaner is shaped like a long glove that fits over the blades of your ceiling fan. To use it, just apply pressure to the top and bottom and slide it off to remove dust without making a mess. You don't even have to empty it out before moving on to the other blades — it's large enough to hold a good amount of grime. In a matter of minutes, your entire fan will be clean — just dump the dust into the trash before tossing the sock into the washing machine!

$18 at Amazon

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