Flats Vs Drums: Which Chicken Wing Is Better For Delectable Dipping?

Chicken flats and drums with dip
Chicken flats and drums with dip - Static media / Shutterstock

A party isn't complete without a platter of crispy chicken wings and a bowl of ranch (or blue cheese) for dipping. But when it comes to delectable dipping, which cut is better — flats or drums? Trust us -- the drums definitely have the edge!

A drum, also known as a drumette, resembles a mini drumstick and contains a single bone. The flat, or wingette, is the part of the wing that attaches to the drum, featuring a flat surface with two smaller bones inside. These cuts, along with the wing tip, constitute the entire wing. While chicken wings can be served whole, they are often cut into flats and drums for easier consumption.

Flats, though smaller and less meaty than drums, are free from gristle, connective tissue, and cartilage, making them less chewy. They tend to cook more evenly due to their uniform size, resulting in crispier skin. The meat in the middle, sandwiched between two bones, is juicier, but accessing it can be challenging due to the bone placement. Eating flats often requires holding both ends, which can get messy, especially with sticky sauces. Conversely, the single bone in a drum acts as a convenient handle, allowing for cleaner dipping.

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Drums Are Easier To Submerge In A Dip Than Flats

Chicken wings and soy dipping sauce
Chicken wings and soy dipping sauce - Tatiana Volgutova/Shutterstock

The rounded, bulbous end of a drum is perfect for dipping into sauces like rich blue cheese, fiery sweet chili, or creamy buttermilk ranch dressing. Simply grasp the bone and dip the meaty end into your preferred sauce before enjoying a succulent bite. Unlike the tender flats, you can rotate the drum for a second dip without it disintegrating in your hand. This method also helps prevent the transfer of bacteria to the dip, as you're not re-dipping an edge that has been bitten. Moreover, drums offer a higher meat-to-skin ratio, providing more value. Additionally, since drums only require one hand to eat, you can use your free hand to hold a drink, a napkin, or another appetizer while socializing, making them an ideal choice for party fare.

But is it necessary to choose between flats and drums? Offering both cuts at your event ensures all guests will be pleased. Just remember to supply ample napkins, so those who prefer flats can easily clean their hands after enjoying their deliciously crispy wings.

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