For Flakier Jamaican Beef Patties, Add Buttermilk To The Mix

Jamaican beef patties on a plate
Jamaican beef patties on a plate - Ezumeimages/Getty Images

Jamaican beef patties are one of the most hearty and delicious small meals. With just one or two of these patties, you may get enough of their moist, tender beef filling sandwiched in their buttery, flaky crust to complete one of your daily meals. Pair your beef patties with some buttery, lightly coconut-flavored coco bread, and you'll feel satisfied when you're done eating. It's no wonder why beef patties are the fast food of choice in Jamaica. One of the best parts of a Jamaican beef patty is the delicious patty crust. And the flakier the crust, the better. That's why, if you're making Jamaican beef patties at home, you should incorporate buttermilk in your pastry recipe.

When you stir buttermilk into the pastry dough for your Jamaican beef patty, once the patty is cooked, the resulting crust will easily crumble into delicious small pieces every time you take a bite. Your mouth will be filled with lots of pastry flakiness while you chew on that scrumptious beef. Just be sure to add the buttermilk to your pastry dough correctly to achieve the flakiest and most delicious crust.

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How To Add Buttermilk To Your Pastry Dough

two glasses of buttermilk
two glasses of buttermilk - Halil ibrahim mescioglu/Shutterstock

The first step to making Jamaican beef patties is to create a pastry dough, which is unique among all the other types of pastry dough. This dough is what you'll use to create the shell of your beef patty and is where you'll do the work needed to make its crust super flaky. Create your dough by mixing your dry ingredients with fat in a bowl. But, before you knead the mixture, add some buttermilk. You should use 1½ cups of buttermilk for enough dough to make 15 patties, but you mustn't add all the buttermilk at once.

To achieve the flakiest crust for your patties, pour the buttermilk into the flour mixture a little at a time. After each small pour, mix the pastry well. But don't knead the dough too tightly, or it won't develop the texture you want to achieve. By adding the liquid a little at a time, your dough will have an even distribution of buttermilk, creating a deliciously flaky crust. Making the crust of your beef patties as appetizing as possible doesn't end with optimizing its texture, though. You must also incorporate an ingredient that makes the crust look as delicious as it tastes.

Use Jamaican Curry Powder For A Golden Crust

glass jar, glass dish and teaspoon of Jamaican curry powder
glass jar, glass dish and teaspoon of Jamaican curry powder - CookWithCharl/X, formerly known as Twitter

When looking at a Jamaican beef patty, you're struck by that mouthwatering yellowish hue that paints the patty's crust. That bright yellow comes from turmeric, which is mixed with the other dry ingredients to make the pastry dough. While simply including turmeric in your dry ingredients will lead to a yellow crust, you can make the color of your crust even stronger. To get a golden crust for your Jamaican beef patties, add a little ground turmeric, but also mix some Jamaican curry powder into your pastry dough.

Jamaican curry powders have a bright yellowish hue because they contain a significant amount of turmeric. By mixing Jamaican curry powder and ground turmeric into your pastry dough, your patty crust will not only have a vibrant golden color but also a hint of Jamaican spices. But don't forget that it'll be deliciously flaky, too, all thanks to that buttermilk.

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