Five tips for taking a break from booze

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As part of the wellness movement, people are challenging themselves to cut back or ditch alcohol completely.

But with holidays, weddings, festivals, and fine weather just around the corner, the temptation to sit back with a beer or gin and tonic is everywhere.

Yet, Sandra Parker of Just The Tonic Coaching (, is adamant it is possible to enjoy this time of year sober, and in fact, have even more fun without a drink in hand.

Opt for alcohol-free

There is no shortage of non-alcoholic drink options in both supermarkets and restaurants.

"If you are going to a street party/picnic/barbeque, stock up in advance with your favourite alcohol-free drinks. There are some amazing choices now from alcohol-free beer and sparkling wine, so have fun and experiment to find what you enjoy," she advised.

Be prepared

It's a good idea to let your friends or host know that you are going alcohol-free.

"Tell your host in advance that you are drinking less/ having a break from alcohol. You don't have to explain your full warts and all drinking backstory, you can simply say you are on a post lockdown health kick or having a break to improve your sleep," noted Sandra.

Stay positive

Though it may be daunting, do your best to remain positive about your commitment.

"Every time you find yourself thinking the event will be less fun with less/no alcohol, flip it around and ask yourself how it could be better because you are drinking less," the expert explained. "For example, being able to enjoy the whole evening rather than crashing after the first hour. This switches your focus from being deprived to being resourceful and feels more empowering."

Enjoy your weekends

Rather than lying in bed recovering, consider all that you can achieve without a hangover.

"Think about things you can only do if you are not drinking, for example playing rounders in the park, getting up early to enjoy a stroll along the beach, and making the most of the whole weekend when the weather is great, rather than having to write off a Saturday or Sunday because you are hungover from the night before," said Sandra.

Seek expert advice

If you are really feeling stuck in a rut, don't hesitate to reach out to a professional for their recommendations on ditching booze.

"If you find yourself struggling to enjoy life without alcohol, you can turn this around by seeking expert help," she added.

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