Five things to watch this March – from the return of 'Succession' to 'Daisy Jones & The Six'

daisy jones and the six
Your TV watchlist for March is hereLacey Terrell/Prime Video

Oh March, you're spoiling us....

This month is jam-packed with some of the most anticipated TV releases of the year. There is the return of the smash-hit Star Wars show, The Mandalorian; there is the raunchy, watercooler-fodder of Sex/Life, back for a second season; and there is the brilliant Yellowjackets, returning for another spine-chilling journey into the wilderness.

One of the most-talked about debuts is Daisy Jones and The Six, a riotous ride of 1970s rock bands in sunny California, riddled with love triangles, great music, fabulous costumes and a career-defining turn from Riley Keough. Plus, there is the very final season with everyone's favourite bad-rich family: the Roys. Yes, it's time to bid farewell to Succession.

Below, we share our essential watch list for the month ahead.



Could this be one of the most breathlessly anticipated seasons of television? Not only are we salivating at the prospect of another glut of episodes enmeshed in the sordid, scheming lives of the Roys, not only do we desperately want to know how the bombshells of that Italian wedding play out (what will Shiv do about Tom? Will Roman ever forgive Gerri?) but this is, officially, the final season of Succession. Jesse Armstrong’s acerbic dissection of a billionaire media tycoon and his conspiratorial family has become much more than just a straightforward satire of the rich and morally-vacuous. Its first three seasons – drawn out tantalisingly by the interruption of a pandemic – grew a cult following, thanks to a biting script and fascinating development of characters now regarded as iconic. Here’s hoping for an explosive and satisfying conclusion to one of the best shows in TV history.

Succession season 4 is streaming on NowTV from 27 March.


Daisy Jones & The Six

daisy jones
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It’s 1970s LA. Rock bands are dominating the charts, the California hippie dream is still bubbling along and Daisy Jones is a young party girl with a great voice and a book full of lyrics. Then she meets The Six – a band in need of rejuvenation, and a fresh new sound. The rest is (fictional) music history. So goes the bestselling novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid, now a major new series on Prime, debuting this month. With an all-star cast – Riley Keough as Daisy; Sam Claflin as lead singer of The Six, Billy Dunne; and Suki Waterhouse as cool, detached keyboard player Karen Sirko – this is an absorbing joyride of love, sex and rock n’ roll. The ultimate spring TV binge.

Daisy Jones & The Six is streaming on Prime Video from 3 March



The sinister female-spin on Lord of the Flies was an overnight sensation when it aired last year. Now, back for a second season, Yellowjackets aims to shock and entertain once again, with its heady mix of suspense, gore and humour. As the surviving adult Yellowjackets grapple with the reality that something from their past is becoming increasingly active in their present (a kidnapped Juliette Lewis, for starters), we continue to unravel the secrets of their post-plane crash existence in the wilderness. This season promises new additions to the cast, including Elijah Wood, plus, of course, more of Christina Ricci’s note-perfect performance as the troubled Misty. Buzz, buzz…

Yellowjackets season 2 is streaming on NowTV from 24 March



sex life

It was one of the most talked-about shows when it debuted in 2021, asking important questions about female fantasy and desire, and delving into the reality of sex in long-term relationships. Now, it's back for an equally spicy second season, exploring the aftermath of Billie’s decisions. Will her marriage survive? Will the love triangles continue – or are they now love squares? No matter what, Sex/Life season 2 promises to continue its raunchy exploration of the underexplored female midlife crisis.

Sex/Life season 2 is streaming on Netflix from 2 March.


The Mandalorian


This breakout Star Wars TV show surprised us all. Ostensibly another attempt to drag out the George Lucas universe with endless opportunities for lucrative merchandise, it ended up being a smash crossover hit with both Star Wars nerds and the uninitiated. The ‘why’ has a lot to do with the star pulling power of Pedro Pascal, the Mandalorian himself, but if we’re really honest, it’s all about Baby Yoda – ‘Grogu’ to those in the know – and that unbelievably-cute-thing-with-Pedro-Pascal, to those who don’t. Season 3 finally arrived this month, after its season 2 cliffhanger ending, and promises more adventure, more galaxy exploration, hopefully more helmet-less Pascal, and yes, more cuteness.

The Mandalorian season 3 is streaming on Disney + from 1 March

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