The Five Guys Ordering Trick For A Secret Grilled Cheeseburger

Five Guys grilled cheese
Five Guys grilled cheese - Five Guys/Facebook

Five Guys is no stranger to secret menu items and ordering hacks. Just consider the Five Guys hack that allows customers to get two burgers for the price of one. Fans of the beloved burger chain can also concoct their very own patty melt by getting crafty with the restaurant's grilled cheese sandwich. This trick involves ordering grilled cheese but requesting a burger patty with it, which is an option when ordering in-store and on the app.

While it might seem like the patty melt is just a cheeseburger with more steps, keep in mind that the Five Guys grilled cheese features a reverse bun (meaning that both ends of the bun are turned upside down, so the top is the portion that makes contact with the cheese and fillings). This creates a crunchier texture that nicely contrasts with the soft cheese and tender burger patty. The cost-savings are admittedly paltry, as the hacked patty melt is only ten cents less than the little cheeseburger at some locations. However, the patty melt has a unique appeal, especially when loaded with your favorite toppings.

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Best Toppings For A Five Guys Patty Melt

Five Guys storefront
Five Guys storefront - Five Guys/Facebook

When you order a grilled cheese from Five Guys, you're free to choose from a wide variety of toppings. That means you can customize your hacked patty melt to your heart's content. The richness of the cheese and beef is just begging for some acidity, which makes pickles or relish an ideal selection. If you're seeking some heat with a bit of crunch, consider pairing the patty melt with jalapeños (remember that Five Guys uses fresh peppers, which are hotter than pickled varieties). You can also opt for grilled onions or mushrooms if you prefer a savory flavor.

You can even include sauces and condiments on your patty melt. Creamy mayonnaise is a common accompaniment to grilled cheese, so it also makes sense on your patty melt. When it comes to less common condiment options, pairing the sandwich with A1 or barbecue sauce creates a savory yet tangy flavor profile for a bit more complexity.

Some Five Guys' Employees Aren't Crazy About The Patty Melt Hack

Five Guys employees
Five Guys employees - Kauka Jarvi/Shutterstock

Not all menu hacks are created equal. In fact, there are plenty of fast food secret menu items you can probably skip, as you may not be missing much. While the Five Guys patty melt hack is appealing, employees on Reddit aren't too keen on the order. According to a self-proclaimed Five Guys manager on the site, they are "sick and tired" of requests involving the revamped grilled cheese sandwich. A big issue is the number of toppings customers request when using the hack. According to one commenter, "They started getting ALL of the toppings on it, which slide off because they are placed on the rounded top." Another takes aim at social media for spreading the hack, stating, "[TikTok] messing things up."

Along with avoiding common drive-thru ordering mistakes when visiting your favorite fast-food establishments, you must also be courteous when ordering special items at restaurants like Five Guys. It's fine to make special requests but do so with consideration for the staff member taking your order. If they can't fulfill your request, it's best to order something else. And if you genuinely want to experience the glory of a Five Guys patty melt, consider placing your order digitally to provide staff with clear instructions.

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